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Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Broadband Stick

The only way I have of connecting my laptop to the Internet is with a broadband connection provided by a phone service, in the form of a USB stick.

The biggest benefit, apart from not needing to have a telephone landline at home, is that I can access the Internet anywhere at any time. Unlike WiFi, I do not need to search for a hotspot or register with a provider.

The second big advantage is the cost, which is very low. I pay only £10 a month ($15) for my Internet usage.

The only downside is I am restricted to how much bandwidth I can use each month. When I go over the limit I am unable to download anything or view video content for the remainder of the month.

Connectivity is usually good and I enjoy constant Internet broadband use for as long as I want every day.
I used the USB internet stick by two different carriers. In my experience, it's not worth it. The first one didn't include an operational data count program, so I went over the month limit for two months, and had to pay for it, even though it wasn't my fault. The other carrier was providing an "unlimited" service, but the speed was very limited, so it still didn't work the way I wanted it to. Where I'm from, however, the price for the monthly usage of those devices is in the price range of broadband internet, and portability isn't that convenient since the signal coverage is very small, so I ended up subscribing for a very cheap broadband plan that is stable, fast and unlimited.
I think it depends on your ISP personally. My ISP used to be absolutely horrible, and 3G speeds were better. They've since improved it quite a bit and I've been getting better speeds through cable. - Our next project...

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