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Designing a Blog

I have always thought that the design of a blog can make the difference between success and failure. Of course content is what matters most, but if a blog does not load quickly or is not easy to navigate, visitors are unlikely to bookmark it, share content or subscribe.

A header image helps to brand a blog and should be relevant to what the blog is about. A portrait image used in an avatar of the blogger adds a personal touch, but any unique image can be used.

Too many flashing banners are distracting and turn some people away. Ads should be placed in and around the text without being too obtrusive.

Things to avoid are white text on a black background or a patterned background being used anywhere text appears.

What are your ideas about good blog design?
I like simple, unique designs that represent a certain feel. Even the fonts used can put the reader into a sort of mood based on the feel of the font, so details of that sort make a difference. As far as ease of navigation, I think that's pretty much a "must have" for any website, and blogs are certainly no exception. - Our next project...
I think there are certain styles of design that are appropriate for different kinds of blogs - patterned, traditional looking blogs may be appropriate for a cooking or baking blog, but a book review or music blog have to have a much cleaner, sleek look. I am so glad the time of glitter graphics on blogs is over, though! Big Grin
Looks that focus on the content, like large photos, videos etc. are what matter to me. I also like big, bold headlines.
Basically, streamlined. I agree too much flashing banners, or clutter turn me off.
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
Loading speed and design are two different things. I can tolerate crap design, but I can't tolerate slow loading speed.
(April 30th, 2014 at 3:02 AM)wasi90lk Wrote: Loading speed and design are two different things. I can tolerate crap design, but I can't tolerate slow loading speed.

Haha I'd say I get a bit impatient as well. I can usually handle a few seconds of loading time, but if it's more than that, I don't really tend to bother. - Our next project...

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