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New In Town!

Hello! My name is Beth. It's lovely to meet you all!

I am primarily a writer - I have been involved in the writing community on a professional level for several years and currently am the Editor-In-Chief for Eat Sleep Write ( - a community of writers, editors, publishers and anything to do with the writing community!

In addition to writing I am also a musician and teach violin to several students. I am learning cello, play some guitar, and sing. I have a deep passion for music and love creating, sharing, and learning it.

I'm sure there are things I am missing here, but that's the fun of discovery, isn't it? See you around the boards!
Welcome to the forums!

I'm a musician as well. What are some of your favorite bands/styles of music? - Our next project...
Thank you for the welcome! My musical tastes are all over the place. But currently I'm going crazy for movie and video game scores. I've been listening to the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack while working on my novel, and it's been keeping the tension high while I work on some of the key scenes in the book.

However, I also love heavy rock, classical, folk, electronica... It's easier to name the types of music I'm not particularly into: rap and country. I listen to and enjoy almost everything else.
Haha your musical tastes sound almost exactly like mine. I love heavy rock with some electronic influences as well, personally. - Our next project...
Awesome. Big Grin

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