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Spiderman 2 movie

There is a lot of hype over this one but what l have been told is that the bad guy (electro) is not in the comics so my guy is saying that it's not really following the comics anymore and he is not really interested in it after the last director left. He did not like the last one with the new director and he is not looking to see this one. l definitely will go to see this one as l enjoyed the last one. What say you?
I'll probably see it as well, but I usually make my final decisions based on how many of my friends rush to go out and see it. Tongue - Our next project...
I'm going to wait for it to release. Then I will read a simple review and see if it's worth the watch. Then I'll probably buy it online and watch on my computer.
I actually didn't like the most recent Spiderman remake. But, whenever I watch a movie, I always have a tendency to watch the sequels that follow. Unless they're really just that bad. So, most likely I'm going to end up watching the second one. I assume Emma Stone will be in the second one as well. So if anything, I'll just watch it for her.

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