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Do You Write Fanfiction?

So I have been writing fanfiction for the last three or four years or so. In fact, I may even have been writing it for a little bit longer than than over the course of many different fandoms.

For those that don't know, fanfiction is the art of writing stories for works that already exist, such as TV shows, movies, or even books that already exist. You take the characters often enough and put them in an Alternate Universe, or you can write the story and characters from where the original work left off.

I really enjoy fanfic. The community is great.

Do you write fan-fiction?
I am an avid reader of fanfiction, but I'm really bad at writing it, mostly because it's someone else's characters I'm supposed to write about, so I can't get over the thought that the creator(s) of the characters would find my writings inadequate. I have had plenty of ideas for the plots, however, and sometimes rework them so that I write stories with my characters in them, inspired by shows, films and books that I like.
I have written 3 Harry Potter fan fictions back in the day, when I was around 13 or 14. They were actually pretty successful, at least for my 13 year old standards! I have never written another fan fiction because I've never again been as passionate for individual characters like that, and I never again read a book where I felt the need to read and write alternative stories for. But I used to love both reading and writing fan fictions! I think that was what truly made me enjoy writing!
Did you know that Amazon has a program that let's you write fan fiction? you do have to choose a title from there list though and l really wanted to do it but the program is not open to UK writers as of yet, l have not been on the website for a while so l might check it out to see if they are accepting UK writers now.
I haven't heard of that. Maybe I'll check it out sometime.
Only in my head, but I read a fair bit of it and know that I'll eventually give in to temptation. I think I'm most worried that if I start I won't be able to stop since it's such a instant gratification type of writing, and that it will take time away from other writing I should be doing.
I used to write fanfiction but I've been highly unmotivated to do it ever since I got writer's block that one time. I used to read fanfics a lot too but I haven't taken the time to do that either. I miss those days.
I used to write a lot of fanfiction actually, one of my favorite things to do was put beloved characters in cyberpunk worlds and work out a great story from that extrapolation.
I have never tried to write fan fiction.. but i am proud of you guys for getting involved with it
you know I'm thinking about re-posting a project I've been posting up over at spacebattles, think of it as a multiverse crossover self insert with a Random Omnipotent being causing grief for the main character along the way for it's own ammusement.
I've been thinking about this, but so far I do not have time to write lyrics. But I really want to !!!
(May 8th, 2018 at 12:36 PM)Kimberly Cox Wrote: I've been thinking about this, but so far I do not have time to write lyrics. But I really want to !!!

They are tough! It's challenging for sure! 

Also, welcome to the forums! We're always glad to have new members and hope you'll stick around.  Big Grin
Indeed, welcome to the station!

and yeah writer's block get's the best of us Tongue
but when you get through it... well anyway good luck!
Yes, I have been writing fanfiction almost all my life on account off getting into reading at very early age so I wanted to be write my own version of the stuff like that I like.
Yup, and almost aimed 10 years writing... even if not fully on a row. My main fandom is Pokémon and it's incredible how flexible is the worldbuilding and lore. Do you want to write about OCs? sure! (I mention this because on most game/anime fandoms using ocs over canon characters is semi tabu and bad seen WTF?) you can write about the anime, manga or gameverse also cause each universe is it's our canon. And with the franchise going on over the years, ideas never dries up xD
Pokemon is a hot commodity right now too. It's one of those things that never quite gets old.

Do you find that you get better at coming up with ideas and writing creatively as you gain more experience with it?
I used to, but I was pretty bad at it Tongue . So, I gave it up before I became too invested in it!
(March 28th, 2020 at 11:22 AM)Kyng Wrote: I used to, but I was pretty bad at it Tongue . So, I gave it up before I became too invested in it!

It's honestly hard. Writers who are good at it had to spend years getting there... 

Everyone has their thing and their passion. It takes a lot of it to be a writer. Finna
I also write fanfiction. I just started a few months ago I think writing scenes I felt should have been added to some episodes of shows.

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