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Vector vs Bitmap graphics

Vector and bitmap graphics are the primary types of images in computing today. I prefer working with vector graphics, as they can be scaled almost infinitely without any loss of quality, and don't rely on this primitive concept known as 'pixels'. But, I have to use bitmap graphics everyday, since they are the most widely supported. Thoughts?
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The way I see it, there is no reason to really stick to legacy technology, and if vector graphics is the way of the future, we should start working with those things now instead of sticking to legacy technology.

Then again many people don't upgrade technology, or even their graphics drivers, even once for years, so that has to be taken into considerations too. - Our next project...
I got so used to making pics for city journals, etc. PNG or JPG that I forgot about BMP, which is what I used to always use. They have great quality. But I haven't used vector images yet, however.
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If we're talking about image formats, BMP is a bit intensive on the filesize requirements. I usually just use PNG in a lossless compression mode. At least it's compressed some. Tongue - Our next project...
It is a bit file size intensive, but it looks so pretty... Tongue
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