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Character Development

Develop your characters here! Feel free to place as much information as you'd like. Remember, "god-like" characters are less fun to play with, so to keep things interesting, be sure to list some strengths and weaknesses alike. Feel free to be as detailed as you'd like.

Besides that, common sense is pretty much all there is to it. Be as creative as you'd like!

-Darth - Our next project...
Physical Description: Dafen is 5'7" with a light build and a slightly tanned complexion. He has straight silver-blonde hair that goes down to the tip of his ear all the way around with his bangs put off to the sides. His eyes are a hazel color that can oft be mistaken for a gray shade due to the mixture of color in them.

Personality: Dafen's mind tends to drift in a dark direction, and he is fascinated by the dark arts and studies them while he is at home. He dislikes Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, giving a bit of respect to the Ravenclaws. His hatred toward the two houses runs as deep as it does for muggles.

History: Dafen grew up just like any normal wizarding child despite the interaction with Dark Arts within his family. He was an only child and spoiled by his parents, he was lavished with gifts when there was no reason for them. As a child Dafen spent a lot of time in his Family's horse stable with the horses which oddly as a Slytherin he has become attached to them.

Family: Dafen is a pure-blooded wizard from a long line of Slytherin Witches and Wizards. He doesn't have any siblings and only lives with his mother and father off in a muggle-free area in the UK where a handful of wizarding families live.

Pet: A Dusky Eagle Owl named, Tajis which his father gave him on his first year at Hogwarts.

Wand: Oak, Dragon-Heartstring, 10"
Very nice! I should go ahead and create mine. Tongue - Our next project...
d*** right you should! Are you gonna base it on Harry potter like me?! :p I'm currently writing a new star wars character... I'm only gonna tell you thing... Hes gay!

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