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Filecave - what it's about

So it's been almost a year since I officially took this project on, and here is where it was not too long ago. It's the most recent screenshot I have on hand, although several theme improvements have been made since.

[Image: pout.png]

As for why I don't have more recent screenshots, it has to do primarily with my priorities. Earlier on, I was a bit messy with my code, and now I'm going back and rewriting a good portion of it to work with a more extensible API. Until that's done, there will be quite a lot of glitches involved, and I don't feel like taking more screenshots until those are resolved. Tongue

Anyway, Filecave is built around a number of core concepts.

What is Filecave?

Filecave is a file sharing platform that will allow users to create file uploads, and will allow for ratings, comments, discussion, featured uploads, categorization, and so on. It will be useful for mod databases, etc... where files need to be categorized quickly and easily. It will also be a standalone solution, although rest assured, I've been looking into possible integration options as well.

Core Concepts

Effective file sharing platform
- Filecave is being designed specifically to have file sharing in mind and to be effective for that purpose. Hotlinking protection is implemented, user management will be included, and moderator tools (including the optional ability to require upload approval) are all included.

- Filecave is being built to be highly extensible, with a modular plugins and hooks system, template engine, and more. Of course this is one of the areas where I am doing the most restructuring. I will write a more detailed post later once more work is done.

Content Management
- It may seem far fetched, but yes, I'm also trying to turn this into a full CMS. Don't get your hopes up too fast, I'm trying to finish the essentials first. Tongue

Earlier on, I was releasing proof of concept releases. I've decided to stop doing that up until the alpha, or at least until a later time, simply because the code isn't ready for any sort of release yet. (It turns out that two of the three files I had uploaded in the past had broken installers. ) Rest assured, I will release a proof of concept or alpha release once the extensibility system is fully up and running, however. At that point, anyone who wishes to contribute will be able to create new themes and modules, so stay tuned!

Exciting work, Darth! From what you've described so far, I look forward to seeing more from Filecave. Smile

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