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Autotune - love or hate?

Over the last decade especially, the use of autotune to correct faulty vocals has dramatically increased. Personally, I feel like many singers who don't have a whole lot of control over their voices can certainly compensate outside of autotune, and it is often used a crutch more than a tool. It's usually easy to recongize autotuned vocals as well, making it a poor mask for faulty vocals.

Then again, many styles of music make heavy use of it as a choice of style, so in my opinion it depends on whether it is being used as a crutch or a tool. What's your opinion? Be sure to vote in the poll!
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I share the same opinion as you on auto-tune. It depends on whether the style/genre relies on it heavily.
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For me it depends. Sometimes if it isn't used in corrective measures, but to add a "techno" sound to the singers voice (as is sometimes the case with will.i.am, Kesha, etc.) - that can add to it. Using it to make a bad singer better is "meh." But sometimes I don't care if it's just a song I like, not an artist.
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I like it when it's used to add a techno sound to a singer's voice, as long as it isn't overdone. When it's used as a crutch, I feel like a singer's talent becomes overvalued. Vocal takes certainly aren't easy, but you can always record more takes. Autotune is a major shortcut these days for singers who don't want to record more than two takes per song. Used to add the techno sound, I think it's quite fitting for many styles. I enjoy listening to it when it's used as the tool that it can be.

Of course there are live performances as well. Many bands, particularly with older singers who have worn out their voices, have resorted to its use when releasing live performances. I don't particularly enjoy listening to off-key singing, so in one way it's a good thing, but the trend I see with many singers is that as soon as they start using autotune as a fallback for live performances, they don't really give their performances as much effort and rely on it.
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Depends of genre
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