Poll: Taco Bell or McDonalds?
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Taco Bell
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10 83.33%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Taco Bell vs McDonalds

Alright, so the competition has come down to its breaking point. If you could only eat at Taco Bell or McDonalds for the next week, which would you choose?

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Not sure how much of that I believe, but still... Tongue
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McDonald's Smile but only because I've never had Taco Bell.
mcdonalds for the win. their regular cheeseburgers are to die for omg Heart
I loved Taco Bell when I first tried it here in the UK, but I've been spoilt by other burrito/taco stores I've been too since which are much less fast-food based. I still always love a burger and fries from McDonalds however.
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Taco Bell.

The only fast food restaurant with decent vegan options. Even the fries at McDonald's aren't vegan. Undecided
umm... let's see toxic h*** or mc heart attack...

I'd say the latter because at least most of it doesn't come with guac or sour cream.

but preferably None of the above... there's this great thing goodtimes Tongue
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Ewwww! I can't stand McDonalds french fries. They are so greasy! I will take Taco Bell any day!
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I've never been to Taco Bell (we don't have very many of them in the UK), so I don't know whether I'd like them.
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i f*** hate you all i cant get ubereats or other similar services on my phone (no google services because paranoid android) and this shit's hitting me with every craving possible

yeah uhhhhhhhhh 4 doritos loco tacos, 2 mcdoubles extra cheese (10c less than double cheeseburger which is same thing) 2 junior chickens and a medium fries no drink
McDonald's for me too as I've never tried Taco Bell. Sad

Apparently there's only one within a 70 mile radius of me and I'm still yet to visit that town.
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I love Taco Bell but McDonalds is just more of a go-to.
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(August 27th, 2020 at 9:55 PM)campingrhino Wrote: McDonald's for me too as I've never tried Taco Bell. Sad

Apparently there's only one within a 70 mile radius of me and I'm still yet to visit that town.

There's one a little closer to me (in Liverpool, less than 20 miles away from me). However, I still can't see myself going there: if I'm going to Liverpool to eat out, then there are plenty of other, nicer places I can pick!
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