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does anyone here use Deviantart,com?

I've been a member now for 10 years! Here is my profile:

I mainly do nature photography. But my camera died so it's been screenshots instead lately. Big Grin
-The Non Sequitur | My Youtube-
I've heard a lot about devianart, although I haven't created an account myself yet. Seems like you have some interesting content on your profile.

As a computer hobbyist, this one interests me quite a bit as well. Is that your own creation? - Our next project...
Actually I bought the case as you see it there, then custom installed all the components. I've always wanted a "transparent" case. This particular one is by "Logisys" and cost me roughly $60. Smile
-The Non Sequitur | My Youtube-
That's not a bad price. It looks like a great rig! - Our next project...
Thanks! It is definitely a high end machine. About $1000 or so in all. I had some extra cash this year so I splurged. lol
-The Non Sequitur | My Youtube-
I actually have an account there, but like on many sites I haven't been to in a long time, I forgot the login details. I think I will be creating a new account soon, for my adventures into (hand) cartography.
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I love to use Deviantart. I don't post on the website but I end up on there all the time. I see people posting links from there on Reddit all of the time.

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