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Map Games - 1 - City Game

(Unsure of where this would go.)

This game is based off of another game of its type found here (registration required). The original game is a simulation of a 19th-century settlement in the Oregon Country; However, instead of that, the settlement is in an unknown world, and was brought to this world by Alien Space Bats. Don't ask me where new people come from! Otherwise, though, the setting is more or less the same, with the technology level at 1848 and moving into the modern day and (possibly) beyond. I'll quote the rules from the original thread to give you a good idea of how to and how not to play:
1. Be fairly plausible. I don't want to see things like Airstrips and Highways until the technology can match that.
2. Claim before a turn. You have a full day to post your turn. You can claim one period of grace worth twelve hours. After that, you lose the claim.
3. Buildings and structures have black outlines. Natural things do not.
4. You must include the city info form as well as the map with each turn.
5. Users can claim up to three non-consecutive years at a time. They may not post until the year prior to their turn is done.

Note that like me, you don't have to be a great artist or designer for this. simple shapes and forms with the appropriate zoning type will do just fine.

A small settlement at the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers goes completely haywire when all of the sudden, a flock of alien space bats transport it into a small canyon located on the shores of a lake!

City Name: No name yet.

City Size: 4

[Image: Initial.png]

Red = city info form. However, don't color it red on any subsequent posts.
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