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Would you ever consider using a free forum host?

They seem pretty unprofessional at first glance, but there is always a certain feel about forums on free hosts that is a bit harder to replicate on paid hosting, at least in my experience. I personally like the simplicity of free forum hosting, although I of course strongly recommend being selective about which hosts you choose to consider.

Anyway, is free forum hosting something you have ever considered? If so, why?
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I used a Proboards hosted forum a long time ago and it was junk IMO. It had forced ads unless you paid money, limited admin functions, and just was not good in general.
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I'm not particularly a fan of proboards either, although many people swear by it. In my opinion, proboards is a bit overrated as far as a free forum host. Some of the less popular ones, such as icyboards, seem to be much better overall.

That said, no free host really compares to paid hosting anyway.
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