Poll: Do you Celebrate Christmas
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Do you Celebrate Christmas

Most people in America generally celebrate Christmas. Personally, I am among those as well, although I do have to admit that the over-commercialization of it does get a bit old after a while.

Anyway, what is your stance on Christmas? Do you celebrate it?
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its always over commercialised every year...and it gets annoying as the companies push their goods across the screen. we do celebrate it...but as the years go by, we tend to "take it easy" and not get too stressed especially visiting relatives.. was always big headache for us trying to finalize our trip ..as of lately, we just have our usual meals -maybe throw in a cake for good measure. our spending costs have been reduced for a number of years
Celebrate the pagan Yule, yes. Christmas... no.
Yes, although, I tend to find I prefer the lead-up to Christmas over the day itself Tongue .

Perhaps it's because the first few were magical, and I've just never been able to re-create that feeling Sad .
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We do of course twice. The reason for this is because my youngest was born on Christmas.
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Of course I do!
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