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So I recently discovered spotify, a music streaming service. I've really liked it so far, although I don't plan on heavily using it because I also like supporting artists by purchasing their music. (Plus I tend to listen to music on a CD or MP3 player instead of a PC anyway. )

Either way, it does seem like an interesting service. Anyone else here use spotify? - Our next project...
I've got Premium, which is great. Well worth the monthly $10
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Yes I absolutely love Spotify! I pay $4.99 a month for unlimited streaming and no ads. I have hundreds of playlists and thousands of songs on it and always discover new music every day!
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I absolutely love Spotify! Unfortunately it does not work at my country, but when I lived in the US that was all I listened to! And I'm pretty sure they do pay the artists an amount for having their music available, otherwise it would be illegal! By using the free Spotify version, you have to listen to ads every 3 or 4 songs, so that is how they make money to pay for the songs. Sure, it's probably way less than buying an artists' album would be! But still, I don't feel bad listening to music in there.
I've heard they pay the artists pretty badly, but that's the music industry in general nowadays. Many artists have turned towards live performances to make their actual profits. - Our next project...
I love Spotify. I still don't stick to just one online radio/streaming service but it's one of the few that I use a lot. I used to not like them very much because they didn't have a delete option but they recently added that so now I'm happy. I just wish it wasn't such a resource sucker on your PC.
I don't have an issue with supporting artists because at least they get something and if I wanted to support an artist I will buy their music on Itunes and/or try to go to their concerts.
I like spotify a lot, h*** it works on my android phone, my linux box, and my linux laptop, I use it to play music in my car instead of buying CD's, and it's super cheap so I'm honestly not complaining, it's worth the dataplan lol, in fact I think that's all I really use my data plan for other than the occasional info lookup...

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