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Made in China

So I don't think it's really any secret that a fair percentage of US products are made in china. Honestly, I'd love to see more manufacturing here in the US, and I would be willing to pay extra to support jobs in America.

Also, according to this article, Apple has announced that they will create a new manufacturing plant here in the US which will add 2,000 jobs. I do hope that other companies will begin to follow suit a bit more soon as well. - Our next project...
According to CNN, hundreds - if not thousands - of labor camps and forced-labor prisons (laogai) still exist in modern-day China, housing political prisoners and dissidents alongside dangerous criminals. Chinese prisoners were forced into 'gold farming' – building up credits on online games such as World of Warcraft
It's sad that forced labor still exists in our world today. I can understand it for criminals who have committed severe crimes against society (helps to pay hefty prison costs and gives them something to do), but outside of that, I still find it a sad reality. - Our next project...
And China calls itself a Workers' state...
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