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Best antivirus software?

Personally, I use microsoft security essentials as my primary antivirus software, and the free version of malwarebytes for occasional scans. Combined, I get fairly decent antivirus protection for free. What are your preferences? - Our next project...
I'm not doctor anti-virus, but I primarily use avast! for my virus protection. It brutally punishes ANY virus that dare threatens my computer toaster
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I have the free version of avast, and I like it, but it usually doesn't catch things as fast as malwarebytes. More protection doesn't hurt though Tongue - Our next project...
I have McLaffee... it tends to screw things up but has good protection. Tongue
Once upon a time I had Norton and ZoneAlarm.
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I used to use norton, and it was a major performance drag on my PC. I'm glad I'm not using norton anymore.

For my firewall I just the windows default, which is probably a bad idea. Tongue - Our next project...
I am stupid and I just use the Security Essentials from MS. Not that I ever download anything fishy anyway!
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I try to avoid downloading fishy stuff, but somehow I always end up with junk on my system. I think half of it is Windows' fault though. Tongue - Our next project...

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