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SSD's in my opinion are far better than HDDs. I couldn't imagine computing without one now, myself. But they both have disadvantages and advantages.

HDD - potentially longer life, cost effective, more storage than SSDs. Often slow, have more errors than SSDs, often needs maintenance (defragging, etc)
SSD - Extremely fast, no maintenance, less errors. Very expensive for the amount of storage, intensive R/W operations can wear it out quickly.

Which do you prefer?
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If I had the money, I would actually prefer to go with an SSD and a hard drive. I'd probably put Windows and my most important programs on the SSD, and data storage on the hard drive.

Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere near enough money for an SSD, so the best I can do is a 5400 RPM drive. Maybe later Tongue - Our next project...
I don't do anything worthy of an SSD :p nor do I need that. HDD are fine for me.
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so modern update 5 years later here's what it comes down to.

SSD if you want speed and high performance at the cost of HDD life (yes SSD 's actually have a limited albeit still very high number of read/write cycles, blame flash media).
HDD if you want decent/standard performance and speed with a longer HDD life and usually much much larger storage space.
Hybrid HDD, this is sort of an amalgam of the first two, a portion of the drive is SSD and that's used as basically a massive cache while the rest is HDD for raw storage.

personally I use SSD's for my OS's and a 2TB hdd for storage, it works well and is very responsive.
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hdd. i have an external hdd device that i use to save all my interior art projects and wallpapers. i might be getting a 2000GB one to expand my collections. western digital passport is the best
My laptop runs the OS on a SSD and has a big storage drive as a HDD. I think SSD are obviously better for speed, but given the price for the storage currently I wouldn't justify it myself.
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My main system disk is a 512GB SSD. Then I have two 4TB hard drives in a software RAID1 configuration. I use this for my music, photos, and videos.

Believe it or not, I've had more SSDs fail than regular hard drives. Also, hard drive failure is usually detectable ahead of time and plenty of warning signs are given/time to back up your files. SSDs just quit and you're done. It sucks.

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