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If you had to decide on the three greatest rock bands of all time...

If you had to decide which three rock bands were the greatest of all time, which bands would they be? (Deep question, I know. Tongue )

Personally, I would have to say Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Queen. I feel like all three had enough of an influence in music to really inspire a lot of other bands, and they also had great music, making them great contenders.

What would your lineup look like? - Our next project...
Jesus what a difficult question....

Radiohead would definitely have to be on that list
so would Pink Floyd
and ummmmmmmmm

either The White Stripes or Led Zeppelin

but god, I hate having to choose between musicians like this.
I agree. It's difficult to think about partly because of how many legendary rock bands have really left a great legacy behind. I think the best way of classifying the all time greatest rock legends is to go by how many future bands would be influenced by their music, and I suppose the Beatles would for sure be on that list.

I think that Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin were probably some of the more unique rock bands out there, and inspired a lot of future musicians in the later 70s and 80s. Led Zeppelin in particular can thank Robert Plant for coining the idea of higher vocals in rock music. Aerosmith and The Who were some early bands to experiment with that idea as well. Tongue

If only 21st century music demonstrated the same sheer talent... lately it seems to be more about the public popularity than about any actual musical creativity. - Our next project...
(November 14th, 2013 at 3:19 AM)Darth-Apple Wrote: If only 21st century music demonstrated the same sheer talent... lately it seems to be more about the public popularity than about any actual musical creativity.

I strongly disagree. If you have a problem with music today, you're listening to the wrong music. Just because good music doesn't make the top 40 doesn't mean there isn't any. There are great bands like the Black Keys, the Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, etc.
I agree. I'm primarily talking about the newer generation of "popular" pop artists such as Justin Bieber, One Direction, etc... that have gained a huge fanbase without anything unique as far as their talent is concerned. It seems, at least at first glance, like the top 40 list of 20 or 30 years ago was better than the top 40 list of today. - Our next project...

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