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FTP/SFTP Clients

What is your preferred client for transferring files? I like Filezilla personally, but have noticed a lot of weird oddities. Sometimes it identifies "weird" files as folders. It also seems to have problems if a filename beings with a space. I'm not sure if this is a bug in Filezilla or the FTP/SFTP protocol itself.
I've never really had too many issues with the windows version of Filezilla. The only real bug that I've discovered is that it sometimes fails to recognize newly uploaded files without requiring a filezilla restart. It's not a huge deal, but it is a bit annoying when I'm doing dev projects on a live server.

Other than that, it hasn't given me any real issues. - Our next project...
I use Filezilla. I don't usually have too many issues with it, because I don't usually upload too too much, or anything out of the ordinary.
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I use CuteFTP Pro 7, and have been for many years. I love being able to edit my site(s) code directly on the server. I was going to upgrade it, but I hear the newer version junk. lol
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I haven't heard of CuteFTP, I'll have to check it out sometime.

I usually just use Filezilla and edit my files with notepad++, but np++ refuses to edit javascript files from the server for some reason. I haven't look into my configuration to get that fixed yet. Other than that, I haven't really had any other issues with being able to edit files from the server. - Our next project...
It is a paid program. I bought it years ago and kept my reg. code all this time. Smile It's great tho, you should check it out.
~zoldos Adventures _ A unique networking site and hobbyist platform~
~My Youtube _ Random personal vlog~
I would reccomend FileZilla, but I'd wait until either SourceForge stops forcing adware into the installers of their most popular projects, or just don't download it at all.

I use WinSCP which is an SFTP client.
I thought I had found an installer for Filezilla that did not use the advert-supported auto installers, but I'm not sure where I found it. For whatever reason Malwarebytes still flags the installer as malware anyway. - Our next project...
Yeah, GIMP left SourceForge cause of their crap IIRC. Now, GIMP is self hosted on their FTP archive.

I wonder what's another good free FTP client.... hmm....
Never noticed any oddities with Firezilla, I use winSCP now because we're using sftp now.
Like I said in my other thread, I personally use FileZilla, and that is not often anymore...
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I personally use FileZilla.
FileZilla never worked out well for me. Always encountered a problem of some sorts.
FileZilla generally. But net2ftp offers faster delete.

I actually use the command line for a lot of my ftp/sftp stuff... scp is a great command Tongue

h*** it's how I copy backed up games onto my old xbox over the network to play them Big Grin

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