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Favorite Magazines?

I personally love Maximum PC, although it's been a while since I last picked up one.

What are your favorite magazines? - Our next project...
Time. They always have things that I think are interesting.
(October 19th, 2013 at 3:12 PM)nolvorite Wrote: Time. They always have things that I think are interesting.

Yeah that's a very interesting magazine. I like discover as well. - Our next project...
My favorite magazines are J-14, Entertianment Weekly and QuizFest.
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@ Darth: I remember maximum PC, they used to have those demo discs Tongue

as for current magazines... Raspberry pi magazine, Maker magazine, Lain-zine, wired magazine, and of course 2600 the hacker quarterly come to mind lol.
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I'm a fan of Writer's Digest and home/garden magazines like Country Living, even if only for setting ideas.
I read a variety of magazines based on Business, entrepreneurship etc like Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur etc.
I don't read many myself. There's this one called Breathe which is nice for mindfulness stuff. Have this one called Centennial Features: Anne Frank which my mom got me. I love stuff about her and it was super interesting.
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