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Forum pet peeves?

What are your pet peeves when it comes to forums online?

One of my biggest pet peeves would have to be an overcrowded page full of ads. Nobody wants to look at a page full of ads, and even worse, when users try to click the register link, they get another popup ad, right in their face. Tongue

I also don't like it when forums have a war and peace index of boards on their site. Most forums don't need 80+ boards on the forum index, and it only makes everything very confusing and difficult to find.

What are your forum pet peeves? - Our next project...
You nailed one of my pet-peeves... too many boards. When you're a new forum, you don't need every subforum imaginable. Add them over time as they're needed.
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
Makestation started to follow that trend a bit too. I cleaned it up, as it was getting on my nerves. Tongue

Speaking of too many boards, I once saw a thread on the forumotion support forum asking if the board limit could be increased from 255. I was very tempted to reply and explain why so many boards could never possibly make a good forum, but I guess it's possible.

Some people just like having the sky as the limit I guess. - Our next project...
I hate when one person joins and decides to go through the introduction forum and reply to every single thread.

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