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Last website design I made


c&c time
I like the unique design. The color scheme is quite nice, and I like the background textures that you used. Big Grin

Was it a photoshop design, or an actual CSS/HTML layout? - Our next project...
lol no, just the website design. I can code it but it will be quite a pain loooool
I know how that goes. My biggest issue with CSS/HTML layouts is that I can envision a layout I like, and then transferring that to code is difficult. I find myself spending more time debugging than actually designing a theme.

Some people are naturally good at it and can do it in a few hours though. I've never been that good at it unfortunately. - Our next project...
It's not really hard so much as it depends on how much backgrounds you have to set. I rarely have a problem coding HTML/CSS/a lot of jQuery
I would like to attempt to code this when your done if that's Okay with you.
This looks pretty cool!
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(November 10th, 2013 at 10:17 AM)Burned Designs Wrote: I would like to attempt to code this when your done if that's Okay with you.
Sure, I don't mind giving you the PSD for it. PM me if you're really gonna do it lol

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