Poll: How much time do you spend playing games daily?
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How much time do you spend playing games daily?

(June 3rd, 2018 at 3:43 PM)VSS Wrote: 1-2 hours for me...if a game is really interesting with engaging missions thats hard to walk away. -especially if a game doesnt have manual save points!

Yeah I'm roughly the same. I don't have a continuous line in terms of how much I play a day/week/month, etc. I can play a game for hours on end and have it done in a couple of days if I really like it, or else I can go without gaming for months.
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I would say 1 to 2 hours, but that's because most of the time I'm either sleeping or working and I binge on my days off when I'm not out with my friends and stuff.
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At the moment a little more time, 1-2 hours, because my PS4 with the racing games are new Blush
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I've been spending more time lately due to the fact that I've been home more. I'd say it's been anywhere between two to eight hours.
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Normally only 1-2 hours on weekdays.

However, during weekends, it can be anything up to 8 hours Tongue .
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