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About Monedas


I have noticed that "Monedas" the current forum's currency does not actually have it's own box in the postbit, I think it makes the postbit look rather scruffy and the fact that it's so far down and far away from the rest of the postbit boxes, I think that this needs to be changed. I also think that you should changed it to something like "Make-Money" instead of Monedas or something related to MakeStation like "Station-Cash" or just "MS Cash". Smile
Thanks for the suggestions. I never actually got it fixed after I re-enabled newpoints, and I will fix that this afternoon. Regarding "monedas," I actually like the name "station-cash" and so I think I'll adopt that as the name as well. Monedas was never really meant to be permanent.

I'm also planning to open up the "marketplace" soon as well, as a place for people to exchange with their MS cash. That will be implemented soon as well. Big Grin - Our next project...
Okay, thank-you for acknowledging my suggestion. Smile

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