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Semi-Original - Original Niche Brainistorming

Hey everyone,

So I've currently tested out a few niche's for a forum that don't really work because there are too many of it's kind. So I'm trying to brainstorm a few original niche's for me to attempt. It will of course be a hard job because it also has to be something I'm interested in and something that other people will be interested in. As I post ideas I'd love some feedback if possible and feel free to throw in some idea's if you want. Smile

I will be posting replies to this thread as I get more and more idea's, as I get a few narrowed down I will add a poll and see which idea you guys like the most.

I like/enjoy

-Playing Call Of Duty.
-Playing Battlefield.
-Playing Rockstar Games.
-Playing Dead Island.
-Overall using the Xbox.
-Politics (A little).
-All around technology.
-Playing various sports.

If you want to know about anything else I like please do feel free to reply to me asking, I will try to respond to you as soon as possible. Smile
Perhaps a gaming/tech forum with some kind of twist? Both gaming and technology forums are overdone in my opinion, but a forum that adheres well to aspects both niches might have quite a lot of potential to be more unique.
Does sounds like a good idea but I'm still convinced that the idea of that has already been used. Wink
I know the feeling. There's pretty much nothing that has never been done in the forum world these days. Even Makestation isn't as original as I'd like it to be. Tongue

One option would be to start with a general niche with a topic you enjoy, and then to narrow it down from there. Many people start with a niche like gaming, then narrow it down to a specific genre of games or a specific game that has gained significant popularity. That often works when it comes to getting a more "original" niche. The only problem is that promoting at general discussion forums, etc... is harder, so it requires a more targeted advertising approach.

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