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AMD or Intel

There has been quite a bit of fierce competition between AMD and Intel over the past years. Intel tends to build higher-performance processers, but AMD has lower prices and has been the leader in other ways, as they made 64 bit a mainstream technology and just recently have come up with the concept of the APU.

Personally, I use an AMD because it's cost-effective. What's your preference?
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I like intel processors better because, to me, they perform better and are more reliable. And they are still relatively cost effective. But if a laptop or desktop (pre-assembled) was a great deal and had an AMD processor I'd look into it...
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I think I'd rather have an intel myself, but since I always end up with cheap computers, the AMDs end up being more cost effective for me. Maybe I need to raise my budget some Tongue
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All the computers I have ever used have had Intel cores. Anything from the old Pentiums to the new Core I5's.
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Speaking of Pentiums, I wonder how much they will cost these days. I remember back when the P4 was the dream processor, and now of course even the "core 2 duo" is very outdated. Tongue
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I prefer AMD. I can't stand Intel. It really annoys the h*** out of me that so few laptops nowadays use AMD processors. I did several searches online, and there are hardly any laptops at all over 17'' using AMD processors...
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The only manufacturer that I have personally had experience with is Intel. So I really can't say much about it. Except for Go Intel maybe Tongue
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I like Intel better. They're in all of my computers, and they have a large presence where I live, so hey, support local! Smile
I think I'd prefer an intel if I had the cash on hand to afford one. Intels seem to be a lot like Apple products in many respects that while they are generally high quality, they come at a hefty price tag (although probably not to the same degree).

I've been an AMD user for a while, and don't expect that to change anytime soon.
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I strongly prefer Intel. The 4 core i7 outperformed the 8 core AMD FX. Intell has always been ahead in the CPU race.
I like Intel, the one I have works better than the AMD processors I have.
AMD, more bang for your buck Tongue I use an 8 core AMD at 4.2ghz for my desktop, still... there's just something alluring about the other companies, h*** the SPARC cpu in one of my servers can run circles around most AMD's and intel's I've come across on some things, it's hilarious.
Have you seen the new threadrippers? Gonna come with 16 cores and SMT (hyperthreading), so you'll get 32 virtual cores for way less than the price tag of Intel's upcoming i9s. Big Grin
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ya I'm really impressed with the new AMD chips coming out!
I'm excited to see AMD pick up SMT. SMT on intel chips supposedly improves performance by about 30% with a fairly nominal increase in transistor count. AMD likes to just stuff cores which is fine, but efficiency matters too. Tongue
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Bah forget efficiency, I want the kerbal of CPU's!

just strap more boosters on it!
I just bought one of the new AMD Ryzen CPUs for my new PC. I was going to go with the i7-6700K but I use my computer as more of a multi-purpose workstation than a dedicated gaming PC so I'd rather have the extra cores.

These new 16-core Ryzen Threadrippers should be interesting, I wonder how they'll compare to the i9s
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@ Donut: don't forget, if it's not up to snuff just stick a bigger radiator on it (or use liquid cooling), and add more power, plus if you buy a lower end model of CPU AMD tends to include the higher end stuff but dissabled typically so if you really know what you are doing...

anyway enjoy Cool
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