Poll: Who actually has ownership of Titanic? (see final post)
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Ireland (built and designed)
1 33.33%
English (sailed and registered)
0 0%
American (White Star was owned by JP Morgan)
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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The RMS Titanic

Thought I'd have fun here- this is the first in a series of studies on Titanic- feel free to express your opinions on her and her people:

Construction- Harland and Wolff Belfast Northern Ireland
Leinth- 882.6 ft or 886 feet 9 inches
Weight (in tons)- 45,163 total- 45,000 designed
Power steam powered with  2 reciprocation and 1 turbine- The turbine was not able to be reversed. The power plant consists of the following as stated in Wikipedia 24 double-ended and 5 single-ended boilers feeding two reciprocating steam engines for the wing propellers and a low-pressure turbine for the center propeller,output: 46,000 HP
Decks- 11
She featured 4 funnels. 3 active 1 for venting of the galleys and boiler rooms.

Smith, Commander Edward John, RNR (Retd) 62-Stoke-Captain
Wilde, Lieutenant Henry Tingle, RNR 39-Chief Officer
Murdoch, Lieutenant William McMaster, RNR 39-First Officer
Lightoller, Sub-Lieutenant Charles Herbert, RNR 38- Second Officer
Pitman, Mr. Herbert John 34 -Third Officer
Boxhall, Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Groves, Yorkshire-Fourth Officer
Lowe, Sub-Lieutenant Harold Godfrey-Fifth Officer
Moody, Mr. James Paul 24 - Sixth officer
[Image: 10502073-titanics-officers.jpg]

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Nice post. Big Grin

How long was the titanic in use before it had sunk?
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(May 23rd, 2013 at 12:56 AM)Darth-Apple link Wrote: Nice post. Big Grin

How long was the titanic in use before it had sunk?

4 and a half days
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Wow, I have to say that was pretty brief, especially for such an expensive ship.
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This is awesome Michael, that you have brought your super titanic history threads to this site !

I look forward to more of your great updates here.

thanks again, Brian
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[move]Titanic movie gaffs Part 1:[/move]
-In the beginning there is already a goof- while attempting to recreate some imaginary maiden voyage footage look in the background and you'll see buildings.
-As old rose sits at here potters wheel the interview with "Mr Loveit" comes on. Look at the windows and TV- The crew is visible.
-In one scene Rose and Jack are walking on the boat deck talking- there are several gaffs here. The first is when Jack and Rose stop and Jack hangs onto the funnel stay. You look closely and there is a building in the North Atlantic! The second comes as Rose is looking at the drawings. She comes to the "1 legged prostitute." Look close in the scene right before he says "She was a 1 legged prostitute." As it shows the drawing the lady in nude clearly has 2 legs.
-during the story as Molly comes on board from the real life RMS Nomadic old rose says "we all called her Molly." she was never called Molly until after her death
-As everyone comes to dinner in first class and Jack has been invited, Molly walks up and says "care to escort a lady to dinner?" He puts his arm around hers yet in the next shot they are separated.
- during the drawing scene a clearly older hand does the drawing. This is James Cameron doing the drawing scene while a clearly embarrassed Kate Winslet lays on the couch and James and Leo trade off.

Theres the end of part 1.

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I like these updates. Looking forward to part 2 Big Grin
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[move]Titanic movie gaffs part 2[/move]

- when Jack is on the forecastle or bow to ye' land lubers a shot from aboove shows the anchor then in the next shot is gone.
- After Rose and Jack make love Rose puts a hand print on the windows of the ranult. Yet when spotted that they had been there the hand is in a different spot.
- Look at the pipes throughout shots of third class. They are welded.
-When Jack is in the Master-at-arms office as the ship sinks watch as the port hole is fully underwater as Jack looks out. Then in the next shot from inside you see the waterline.
- When Rose grabs the axe from the fire box she does a great job and breaking it. Yet in the next shot you see most of the glass in tact and the words "In case of emergency break glass"
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Very interesting. Big Grin I don't personally have the attention to detail required to spot most of that stuff myself.
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some interesting bloopers there on the movie, Michael  Smile
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Ok- here's a poll question- But first you may ask what I mean well hers the thing- Titanic was designed and built in Belfast, Ireland, sailed and registered from Britain and was owned by American entrepreneur J.P Morgan. So you be the judge- because of the three statements it adds confusion.
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Interesting poll.

I voted for Ireland because it was built by them through much hard work and effort. It's an interesting question though.
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I chose America due to the owner being american
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It's an interesting topic. Gets me thinking.
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i voted for America cause i think i recall white star was the ship building company  Smile
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Seems like I'm the only one who has voted for Ireland so far Tongue
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Titanic ship should not have gone down like that, it was a really sad incident.
Was it Titanic or Olympic?

Here is an interesting conspiracy theory about the ship- Is she really the Titanic down there?

Facts for-
The facts for a simple:
1. Olympic was difficult to insure given numerous accidents. This meant the the ship may have been sunk to collect the insurance money.
2. Its possible they only wanted to ships- and felt the Titanic was far more superior.
Facts against-
The arguments against are as followed:
1. No ship is alike
2. Every ship has a number for its parts and the parts are not interchangeable
3. Olympics parts featured 400 on all parts and Titanic 401 . These were yard numbers. The number given to each ship at the shipyard. Each part was scrolled the number given by the yard.
4. The ship at the bottom of the ocean has the number 401 on all parts found- therefor it is Titanic.

Another interesting fact

It seems possible that the sinking wasn't an accident- the reason is that nearby lay the SS Californian. The Californian was carrying wool blankets for the exact number on the Titanic that night. Could it be possible that Capt. Lord and J. Bruce Ismay had a plan to sink Titanic and Californian come to the rescue- Given the fact that the captain of Californian failed to act this is unlikely, but it seems a bit shady nevertheless. So in effect its unlikely that this was ever the plan- more coincidence then anything.
Another fact that says that Titanic is the one that sank is the Bridge of the ship- The Olympic had a rounded bridge while Titanic had a flat bridge- This is a dead giveaway as the foundation of the bridge remains. The foundation clearly has a flat front instead of rounded.
You be the judge- Olympic or Titanic?
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