Poll: Who actually has ownership of Titanic? (see final post)
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Ireland (built and designed)
1 33.33%
English (sailed and registered)
0 0%
American (White Star was owned by JP Morgan)
2 66.67%
Total 3 vote(s) 100%
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The RMS Titanic

definitely an interesting post.

It does surprise me that people have thought it had potential to be intentional in the past. I guess it's possible, but given the course of events, it does seem unlikely.
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I do not believe in this conspiracy theory. Sorry.
Or there could be no conspiracies and it went down exactly as everyone thought it did, which is what I think happened.
The tale of classes:

OK here are totals of the lost in the different classes:

Class 1 2 3 crew
saved 57 14 75 189
lost 118 4 1 674
saved 139 79 76 18
lost 4 15 89 3
saved 5 23 26 ------
lost 1 0 53 -------
705 saved
1,502 lost
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Interesting. Just says how poorly the lower classes were treated during that time.
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I'm always surprised at how much society has actually changed in the last several decades. It really says a lot about recent generations.

Nice update. Big Grin
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Ohhh another Titanic lover. I am a member of a group on facebook that is all about the White Star liners, they have posted numerous pictures - detailed photos of both ships and I do not believe the ship that sank was the Olympic.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheWhiteStarLiners/ is the link if your interested.
Thanks Michael, i am really glad you decided to post this here.
This was always one of my favorite pieces of information on the Titanic.
I do think the ship that sank was the Titanic. Although perhaps not as sure as you are about that !

Thanks, Brian
(September 29th, 2013 at 8:46 AM)Fullmoon Wrote: Ohhh another Titanic lover. I am a member of a group on facebook that is all about the White Star liners, they have posted numerous pictures - detailed photos of both ships and I do not believe the ship that sank was the Olympic.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheWhiteStarLiners/ is the link if your interested.

Have been since around 1995 or 1996- can't remember quite when- comes with getting old Big Grin
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New Poll

Was 3rd class mistreated?

Here the case- The 3rd class weren't given a fair chance for safety. They were held below for 1 hour. Then once the gates were unlocked some were left to find there way up themselves- while others were lead to boat deck- The 3rd class had the most loses in terms of passenger lose then the other 2 classes combined. There are arguments as to whether this was the case-

1 They wouldn't leave there luggage- I'm sure you'd prefer to leave your luggage then drown.
2 most did speak English- wrong- there were many Irish and English passengers- in fact more then half- no language problems there
3 The women wouldn't leave there husbands- This actually may be true.

So its up to you. A "yes" means there were mistreated
A "No" means They weren't.
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Interesting update.

From what I can tell, it seems that not many really had an ideal situation in terms of how they were able to escape, what could be salvaged, etc... However, given that they spent an entire hour beneath, they were evidently not among the luckiest of those boarded on the ship. The entire situation as a whole was very sad.

That said, I think I'll vote yes on this one.
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thanks for the new update michael...!
i had no idea about the classes and how this third class was treated so badly..
The tale of Marjorie Sweetheart:

This little girl seen here on the RMS Carpathia eludes history. but her tale is a wonderful self sacrificing story. Known simply by her name of Marjorie Sweetheart She awoke April 15, 1912 from her first class berth with her parents and looked over the rail of the Carpathia only to see tiny boats- some with kids in them. Upon noticing the kids not having clothing she donated her own clothe to them. That way they had something to wear on the voyage. Half of the kids from Titanic had no clothe what so ever on the voyage on Carpathia but those that did had Marjorie sweetheart to thank. Her tale is a rare tale and the picture of her and the gallant Captain is even more rare. While some kids were naked (mostly at night as the story tells) some wore there borrowed clothe with pride thanks to a selfless little girl named Marjorie Sweetheart.
[Image: 9qkA9Xr.jpg]
click for larger image
[Image: 1fBapP8.jpg]
click for larger image
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very interesting and rare find here.
Thanks for this totally unknown story
(February 13th, 2014 at 4:40 AM)titanicbuff Wrote: The Duff Gordon goofs

How can one couple mess up so badly? Well the Duff Gordons did it.

1st goof- They left on a boat designed for40- just 12 people in all. The boat was life boat 1 and they left with 5 passengers, 7 crew in all.
2nd good- After the ship sank Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon offered to replace the kits of the crew rowing- this was considered a bribe to not return to the scene of the sinking. It was an innocent gesture, but ruined the Duff Gordons.
3rd goof- Despite having plenty of room they failed to return to the scene- Lady Duff Gordon would have objected anyway- she was laying on the bottom of the boat throwing up all night.
4th goof- On Board the Carpthia They insisted on having a picture taken as a souvenir of the experience. Why is anyones guess. Dr. McGee on the Carpathia insisted on having them smile for the picture despite the fact that many people died- This upset many of the surviving widows who were watching and was a momentary lapse in taste.
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Thanks Michael,

I really enjoy these interesting facts about this couple.
It sounded like they made quite a few bad decisions with how they handled the sinking of Titanic.

Thanks, Brian ..

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