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According to, the prevalence of autism is 1/88.

Speaking as an aspie, it's quite a mild autism-spectrum disorder (very few, if any meltdowns - the ones that do occur don't last long and are mild, generally lessened symptoms), but it's still very difficult to live with. My primary concern with living with it is impaired social skills, which make communication quite difficult.  My main concern for others though is that a lot of young children are misdiagnosed. Another concern is people who are diagnosed too late in life, especially if they're young adults. It is very hard to get a diagnosis then.

There's no real cure for any ASD. But they can be greatly improved to the point where they aren't noticeable through extensive therapy.

What are your thoughts?
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Honestly, I have to say that I feel like the general public's views on the disorder have been dissipointing. It's not only poorly diagnosed, but it's very poorly treated, and those with are usually looked down upon, which is no better.

In all seriousness, some of the smartest people I have met have been autistic. It's hard to argue with that, and I'm all for autism awareness to help educate the public more about the disorder. - Our next project...
I myself have aspergers- its not an easy thing to have.
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This is a pretty popular test for it:
Of course an online test won't do as good of a job as a real professional, but I've heard a lot about people using them nevertheless. I scored around 18/19. - Our next project...
I was unofficially diagnosed when I was 3... but my parents never actually got an official diagnosis because they refused to believe in such things.
So now I've gotta try and get one at like 18 years old... *sigh*
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Yeah that is awful cheese, I'd suggest when you old enough that you get a diagnosis when you can. It can make you qualify for things that can help you out. Like if you were in a normal school you could get an IEP, to give you special resources at school for example.

See my parents got me a diagnosis at age 11, but I think it would help them if it was caught earlier than 11. So they could have more time working on coping skills, because it isn't that easy as Michael pointed out, especially with non-supportive parents. You can easily fall into the wrong crowds or into drugs or alcohol.

Darth I do agree, too many people are ignorant about autism, and we are put down quite a bit, we actually we have some skills that could be useful in many different job fields, yet we go largely untapped. I just hope that it will get easier to find jobs that are not minimum wage fast food or retail!
Yeah I definitely suck at those two Tongue
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Also speaking as an aspie I was diagnosed when I was 6 or 7 (I am now 14). It is one heck of a thing to deal with but I don't feel any different or have a smaller job field to chose from. I personally want to be an engineer. I agree with the points above and luckily for me I have supportive parents. I have had multiple psychologists work with me and it really helps. I think also living in a First World Country also helps. In Australia there is a range of help. Aspergers have enhanced skills in many things so we can be very useful in lots of workplaces. 
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I don't notice the impaired social skills online.
Ian , Josh and Michael, are 3 of my best friends in chat.
I feel I relate to any of you as well as any non- Aspie friends I have in chat.
Just my thoughts...

Thanks, Brian
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My score on this test fluctuates.. its typically in the high 30s but it was at 40 once for me.
As for impaired social skills.. that tends to be more noticeable to people who aren't autistic themselves. But it is also likely a case of just being accepting of autistic/aspies, unlike many other people.
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ya mine is in the mid to upper 20's.
No not quite autistic but close..
So as you mentioned josh, that explains why we get along so well in chat  Smile

I am very happy to have you as a friend .

Regards, Brian
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I scored a 27. Not quite autism. Definitely fits though as I feel that I have a mild version of Aspergers
Err what do I put here?<br /><br />I like Minecraft? I play Minecraft? <br />I play Sim City 4? I play Sim City 4?<br />I also don't like democracy! Wink
1 - Many, and probably most autistic people come across as self centered. They aren't trying to be this way - most autistic people have a total lack of empathy.
2 - Highly social people, unless they are autistic themselves, are oftentimes the least accepting and the ones who look down the most on autistic people     
    because they are the least understanding. This may sting.. but its the truth.
3 - But not everyone is "against" autistic people and some get along well with them. Public reception in general has still been very hurtful and disappointing.
4 - Autistic people say things which are impolite, but inadvertently think that it is polite.
5 - Most autistic people are more intelligent than those who aren't autistic by some degree, while many others are absolute geniuses.
6 - Autism in any of its forms is not a disability and does not impair life by any means other than socializing.
7 - Autism in any of its forms can be treated and social and motor skills can be significantly improved through proper treatment (behavioral therapy).
8 - Autism is very hard to diagnose when over the age of 18, but it is possible.
9 - Autism usually goes hand in hand with social anxiety disorder and/or depression, as well as OCD and/or ADHD.
10 - Autism is not a disease - it is a genetic defect.
11 - Autism therefore, cannot be contracted, and cannot be spread, contrary to popular belief. It is present since birth.
12 - Some people have "nonverbal" autism, which makes it literally impossible to speak outside of meaningless sounds (moans, shrieks, cries, etc) This is an occasional occurrence but is by no means rare.

I hope this helps everyone in here who has autism/aspergers and even those who don't.
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I feel it is a remarkable post..
And best of all it is helpful for anyone to read this, whether autistic or not autistic.
One of your best postings I ever read josh, i really mean that too !

Thanks for helping out all of us in our understanding of Autism.

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Boy don't I know it
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Wow great post. I think if all people could have a better understanding of Autism it would make the world a better place for us.
Err what do I put here?<br /><br />I like Minecraft? I play Minecraft? <br />I play Sim City 4? I play Sim City 4?<br />I also don't like democracy! Wink
I've heard stories and have experienced stories of autistic/aspies which are in public schools. They are expelled or carried out for having meltdowns. This even happens in autistic schools. When this happens in a school made to help people with autism, you have a very serious problem.

This is where higher awareness is a definite necessity. Just put yourself in an autistic person's shoes.
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Autism is a very serious disease. I really feel sorry for those who suffer from autism.


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