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Any good suggestions on virtual machine software?

I personally love virtual machines, and find them extremely useful. I'm currently using virtualbox, but the screen resolution is very annoying with VB, so I was wondering if there was a good alternative that people have found to be good. Any suggestions?

-DarthApple - Our next project...
Unfortunately virtualbox is your best bet. VMware is too commercialized (and will not let you install it alongside other VM software either if i'm right) and its extremely slow. I sometimes work around the screen resolution problem by resizing the window and increasing the resolution in the control panel (or whatever OS you're using in the VM)
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I've found more luck with some distros of Linux than with others. The screen resolution issue was definitely an issue when I was taking advantange of the windows 8 trial.

Virtualbox does actually have guest utilities, which is supposed to solve that. I could never get them to work though. I guess one of these days I'll figure it all out. Tongue

anyway, thanks Big Grin - Our next project...
I still use virtualbox lol.

though dosbox does a great job running windows 9X if you know how to set it up. Wink
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We use VMWare at work, not as many problems with it as their used to be, but it is the commercial option now.

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