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Does anyone actually use the yellow pages?

So every year, I have a brand new, heavy, fresh copy of the yellow pages dilivered to my door. What's odd is that it only ends up getting thrown in the trash every time. I honestly probably haven't looked through one genuinely for years, and google has been more than enough to assist my "needs" for phone number digging.

Does anyone actually still use the yellow pages? - Our next project...
I don't but my father still does Tongue
I just got one a few weeks ago too. I haven't used a phone book in years. I used to use it a lot before the internet was a reliable source, but that was ~10 years ago! I think they're wasting a lot of money printing them. Maybe older folks use them who don't have/want internet?
I haven't used one in a while either, think my parents use it sometimes.
[Image: 2z4zes7.jpg]
I don't even though once a year, we get the AT&T Real Yellow Pages, though we haven't gotten it since we cancelled our AT&T account.

I find it funny they call it the Real Yellow Pages. Is there a fake yellow pages out there? Tongue
[Image: raiden2.png]
I still get mine, and I don't think I've ever had a reason to use them in a long time. I suppose they are useful for the older generation that hasn't exactly caught on to the internet yet, but it's a waste to print them for so many people. - Our next project...
Yep, we use ours regularly, It's always open on some page in our kitchen.
What's a Yellow Pages?

lol naw just kidding. Just read an article that 15% of adults don't use the internet, so I'm sure those people use the yellow pages.
The yellow pages definitely still has a market, but I think that it is diminishing rapidly. Within 10-15 years, the internet usage will probably be significantly more widespread than it is now.

We shall see. - Our next project...
I see them get dropped off every year, no use besides aligning two together to make an unbreakable bond.
(September 30th, 2013 at 2:11 AM)forthwall Wrote: I see them get dropped off every year, no use besides aligning two together to make an unbreakable bond.

I've done that before as well. I was surprised when I found how strong the bond could actually become between two phone books. Blows my mind. - Our next project...
No ! Not yet

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