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Does anyone else think Firefox is going through new versions a bit fast?

So firefox is now on version 23, and considering that it was only a few years ago that Firefox 4 was released and changed everything, this is a bit odd.

Anyone else think Firefox is going through version numbers a bit fast? - Our next project...
They started copying how Chrome versions...
(September 12th, 2013 at 5:43 PM)spork985 Wrote: They started copying how Chrome versions...

This is what I was about to say. After FireFox version 4, I made the tough decision and switched to Google Chrome. I'm not sure why they were/are releasing updates like wildfire (not sure if they're still doing this - haven't used FireFox in a while). If it's just to get the program's version number sky high, then I'm glad I kicked FireFox to the curve.

As for Chrome, I have its settings set to silent updates so I never know when it'll get updated and have its version number bumped up. Still, Chrome never gave me problems like what I experienced with FireFox version 4 on my dual-core Windows Vista desktop. The web browser froze (the famous "not responding" notice), crashed, and felt a bit laggy at times (I can't remember if it lagged so don't take that one too serious).
It's up to version 26 now and it's buggy. I've been running 13 for awhile and "upgraded" to 26. It acted weird, so I downgraded back to 13, and now the two versions seem to have merged. LOL
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