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Improvements you would make to the App Store

If you had a chance to tell Apple Inc. some improvements that they could make to the App Store (and they have to do it), what would you tell them?

If it was me, here's my list :

1. Wishlist - I think the App Store's wishlist is only available via desktop. What's the point in not having the ability to add content to your wishlist when using an iPhone or iPad while the desktop can... I personally prefer to browse the App Store using an iOS device. If I find something that I like but can not afford at the moment, I don't want to boot up my computer just to have it added to my wishlist. It just doesn't make sense.

2. Stop upgrades - With the latest version of iOS 6, if I choose to upgrade an app/game, the only way there is to stop it is by deleting the app. I've tried restarting the device - no dice. I tried double tapping on the application's icon. All that does it restart the download. If my device is almost out of storage space and I upgrade an app that consumes 400+ MB of space, I'm forced to remove it or delete several other apps if I wanted to use the 400+ MB size app.

What about you guys?

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