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Running windows programs on Linux

Obviously, one of the biggest disadvantages to using Linux as opposed to Windows is the fact that Windows programs won't run. Thankfully, a diligent group of developers have developed WINE, a program that makes Linux compatible with some windows programs. (It doesn't work that well, but some programs will run great. )

WINE is free, but if you are willing to pay, there is also a product by codeweavers called crossover linux. I have never tried it myself, but from what I hear, it works significantly better than WINE.
I like Wine, but I don't know if its just my distribution, DE, or what, but a lot of programs are really buggy under Wine. Maybe a later version/upgrade may fix such problems.

As for crossover linux, I'm not gonna pay for it. Especially if there's a working (albeit a bit buggy) alternative for free.
I actually find that the later versions of WINE seem to have more bugs. It's a pretty old project, but hopefully they can work on it and make it more stable over the next few years. I think it still has huge potential, for sure.
Though this is kind of necro'ing, I heard this nasty rumor that WINE doesn't support Pixel Shader 2.0 and above. And that I should use this for gaming. Thoughts?
@ Acko: as of 2018 wine works great, just install the latest direct X in it first lol.

edit: 10/23/19

going to say this now, Proton which is wine based runs windows games excellently with insanely high compatibility rates, I'd say it's super successful
It's crazy how much Proton has advanced over the years. With Proton you can run just about any windows game.
Indeed, there's very little reason to run windows these days...

looking at you cyberpunk2077 -_-

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