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So what should be done with the Ancients and Moderns Teams?

Well, we already know rule 39. Tongue

I also like that Ancient's proverb.

But, wouldn't scrolls be an Ancients thing? So you're saying the Ancients can set the rules? I guess I could come up with something. Tongue

I'm sure the Moderns have more "modern" method for their lawgiving.
Yes, an ancient should do the scrolls. The moderns can then revise them.

I'm not sure how many ancients there are, any takers? Tongue

Also, by the way, you can select a team via this link: . Once you've joined the group, go to the "edit profile" on your profile, and there will be a little selector on the left side to choose the ancients or the moderns. It's important to do this as well because otherwise nobody will know what team you are on. Finna

It's a two step process due to some limitations in our forum software at the moment. My apologies for that... Finna - Our next project...

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