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The Democratic Forum

The Democratic Forum (Formally Just 'Aconia') is a forum that runs exactly like a modern democracy. There will be a legislature, voting, ranks like 'President' and 'Governor', among other things. If you want to see the in-dev version, visit here:

NOTE: Before you start yelling, 'WHAT'S THE POINT LOL????' remember, this is only a fun experiment. Rest assured, if this goes well enough, it'll probably go on for a while Tongue
This has actually been tried successfully before (although not to this extent), so I think this will actually have a lot of potential.

I'm really looking forward to it! This will be interesting for sure. Big Grin
Hmm.. interesting. This ought to be fun Tongue
If this goes well will you be getting hosting and a domain?
This is a really cool idea! I've never heard of this sort of role-playing before, but as someone that gets a little too into politics, I think this would be a pretty fun way for people to interact and make Democracy work in action.

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