Poll: What is the origin of the universe as we know it today?
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Natural causes and evolution
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Natural causes and evolution, but assisted by a higher power
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Created by a higher power
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Nobody knows
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Origin of the Universe

Alright, so it's time for us to have a good debate here. What do you think the universe's origin is?

Plain and simple. Tongue
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A flying spaghetti monster

No, seriously, I'm not going to be fundamentalist on this, but I am semi-Christian on this matter. A deist, if you will.
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Hmm... I sense a flame war coming up soon...
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The big bang theory, I'm an atheist but I will respect the religious people's opinions..If the world was the same it would be boring.

Or you know, it could have been a piece of bacteria's excrement.. Tongue

The Force.


I have always thought that humans think too highly of themselves to assume they know the answer to this question. From the religious (deity) to the scientific (big bang) arguments, there's still really no telling.
the origins of our universe as we know it,
and as deep as we ever will likely know it ,
its called consciousness...
I'm personally a proponent of a created universe, mostly because it's too orderly to be random.

after all we create universes every day in particle accelerators which then split off from ours, if we ever learned how to control this process to get a desired outcome we too could create universes semi-reliably.
now whether or not the creators of said universe could venture there is a whole other kettle of fish... though theoretically if you were to at the moment of creation quantumly entangle some particles from here to there you could use that as some kind of remote sensor/locator for when worm holes are eventually a thing... but that's highly theoretical and near improbable, especially at our current tech level, after all it's not been proven or dis-proven what the limits of quantum entanglement are other than what's affected there affects here and vice versa, thus making it a possible way to monitor changes in the pocket universe.

but that's just my thoughts on the matter, quantum physics, metaverse theory, and hyperdimensional physics are all very complex and I barely grasp the basics!

I appreciate your viewpoint and giving us one well thought out model for how the universe " came to be"

yes , I need to explain just a bit deeper with this model...

It is still created via from consciousness or what we also refer to as the LCS ( larger consciousness system)

It is just that  about everything else besides " consciousness" is virtual , where as consciousness being real and fundamental

But the short answer on the universe creation =
A rule set is created for it initially, and than the "run button" ( a computer simulation), is 'Pushed" ...
brian have you ever played Conway's game of life? it's very similar to this, you setup starting conditions then let it go and the dots arrange in patterns and whatnot using complex mathmatics.
yes i have played that game many times.. and visited all the related web sites..
the official term for all this is " cellular automation"
It is really quite interesting stuff..

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