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Wanderers In Time

Wanderers In Time - Entry 1

"Ah, you're still here, Susan."

"Sure am."

"Restating the obvious - its what I do best. So how was your day?"

"Well Peter, in short it has been absolutely nothing except for people barging into my office and "inquiring" about the recent incidents in the mountains. I guess they see on the news that people are vanishing. So they elect to see, for themselves, people vanishing! I mean, who is really going to be up along Wolf Crossing at that time in the evening.}

"So they're pestering you also? It's all I've been hearing about all day from the bookkeepers and secretaries! I tell them, we don't know what to make of it, and now they're calling for an investigation. Which, I'm skeptical of all of this, but it may not be a bad idea. There ARE people who have just gone up the road and never returned the next day, but I suspect just a coyote or wolf or something."

"Well, there's no dead bodies laying around, no blood anywhere. And are they really going to get out of their cars at 9:30 at night?"

"That's what I'm wondering. Where are they going, exactly? That's my question."

"Ah, hi Jon."

"Hello there Peter, Susan. I wanted to let you both know of another incident I got from Wolf Crossing last night."

"Another one? Now what happened?"

"Well, a citizen came into my office, saying he saw these strange lights last night. These lights were faint and colored white and yellow."

"And this man is absolutely sure it's not a headlight or something?" asked Susan.

"Well, it's possible, but it would have shone for a much greater distance if drivers have their high beams turned on. And according to this man, the lights would pulsate, growing brighter and dimmer at no apparent interval. And whats more intriguing is that they would abruptly stop, and then resume pulsating just as quickly. Oh, and here's my boss."

"Oh, hello Paul."

"Good afternoon Peter! Jon, I have a message, it's from your wife. "

"Alright Paul. Sorry to cut this so short, but I'm sure it's... important... *rolls eyes*"

"No problem. Enjoy the rest of your evening.. or try to.. hehe."

"So, strange flashing lights in white and yellow?", asked Susan, after Paul and Jon Left

"Give me a break. It was probably someone's headlights!", Peter replied

"I know, but I still think we should visit Wolf Crossing to see for ourselves."

"Why waste our time with it? If people want to subscribe to all of this.. mumbo jumbo.. than that's their choice. I've heard stories of demons and ghosts for crying out loud! It's nonsense! "

"Of course it's ridiculous and irrational. But if we went there, gathered proof that it's not "demons and ghosts", then all these rumours will stop, and not to mention people coming in at the end of the shift, out of breath, and trembling!"

"I suppose you're right, but, how are we going to actually view these lights?"

"I thought maybe we'll drive there and pull off the road at the foot of the pass. That's where most of the reports are coming from. "

"So you're suggesting that driving through thick rush-hour traffic to get out of the city and then taking an additional hour to actually get to Wolf Crossing is a good idea?"

"Well, would you rather walk there? Or not go at all and continue with all the "reports"? I have shocked, angry, distressed, people frightened out of their minds, people coming in, in a huge crying mess, and I know you do too!"

"I suppose you're right. Should we go together or will we meet up?"

"We'll have to meet each other there. I have some stuff left to do before the end of my shift. I'll also need to go home and make dinner for the husband and kids."

"Yeah, the wife will probably wonder where I'm at too. I'll see you around 9 tonight?"

"Well enough."

About four hours later, Peter and Susan meet at an underpass at the Wolf Crossing exit on rural Highway 96.

"Okay, let's make this quick. Just after I got here, I heard a distant coyote howl!", Susan said.

"I don't think they'd come near the freeway.. there's too many lights and too much traffic noise. Let's just watch from under the overpass."

"I can see why people are so frightened by this place. A dark, ominous road going up a mountain. It makes me a bit edgy, but at least I'm not running to the city hall or police station in sheer terror..."

"Well, what do you think could happen?" Peter replied

"I don't know, a coyote may come out of the forest? Or a wolf or some other dangerous creature?"

"Well, if that does happen we just run to our cars."

"That's no help if we're being charged at!"

"*shakes head* Would you rather set up a video camera somewhere around here and leave?"

"That sounds best. Do you have one?"

"Well, um, no."

"I don't either. One of us should have brought one in the event we did see these "lights"."

"Speaking of which, there's one!"

"Umm, what is... oh, it's just a headlight. But of course! So, do you want to go back and get a camera?"

"I guess we have no other choice, except to get eaten by coyotes. [said sarcastically] And oh look, a fox just ran by! And why do I have to fetch the video camera? We'll both go get our cameras and put them at two different positions."

"Okay, that'll work. I'll see you around 11 or such."

"Susan, such an idiotic coward sometimes.." whispered Peter, to himself.

Just after Susan and Peter leave, the same lights which so many people have reported to the city hall, appear over the mountains.
i think its very good so far Josh.
really good " suspense" for sure !

Loving it so far! Has an interesting plot. Big Grin - Our next project...
Thank you brian and Blake.

Wanderers In Time - Entry 2

Yes... um.. yes, listen... yes, I understand, now please, I know, okay? Listen to me! Well, I was going to tell you that we've already investigated this... ugh. Screw this. Oh, hi Peter.
Well, Susan, you'll never believe this.
What? Did you get the footage?
Both of the tapes have a gap in them!
A gap?
Yes. Like someone just walked up, turned off the camera, and then turned it back on. And they're of the same length too, seven minutes!
Now who did that?
I have no idea. I can't hear or see anyone or anything turning off the camera.
Are you sure an animal or something didn't do it?
If an animal did it would both of the tapes have a gap of seven minutes, right in the center?
I don't know...
That's just it - you don't know.
Now hang on a second. Isn't it kind of renegade for us two lowly secretaries to carry out our own investigations instead of having the police department do it?
Then call the police department and see what reaction you get from them. They'd laugh at you. This city does nothing about incidents like this.
While that may be true, is it really our place to be investigating on their behalf? Isn't that corrupt?
Yes, it's our place. No, it's not corrupt. Now, do you know anything about just where the lights are coming from?
They seem to be spread out across the mountain. Some near the foot, others near the summit, most of them though are in the actual pass.
So, tonight, we go to the pass.
Umm, what? You think that's a good idea? We would get killed!
Oh, now how can you be so sure of that?
What if these lights really aren't just headlights, eh? And what about people, just, vanishing! You can't explain that.
I thought that we'll each bring a gun. That way if anything approaches us, we can defend ourselves.
You can't shoot an orb of light, can you?
What makes you think that these lights are harmful anyway, hmm? For all I care it could some punk kids trying to scare people.
...With balls of light on a mountain?!
Alright, enough of this. I don't know about you, but I'm going up there tonight.
Oh, well good luck, because if you think I'm walking around up at Wolf Crossing that late at night with no idea what might be up there, than you're crazy.

Later that evening, Peter drove up Wolf Crossing. A thunderstorm ensued as he got out of his vehicle.

After looking around for a few moments, Peter slipped on some loose mud and fell into a crevice. During the fall, his torch broke, leaving him with no light. However, Peter himself was unharmed. He walked throughout the ravine to the best of his ability, looking for some way out, and then something touched him on his shoulder, causing him to let out a horrifying shriek. He ran as quickly as he possibly could away from the shadowy figure, before he tripped and fell, spraining his ankle.

Trembling in sheer terror, he looked behind him to find that the thing which touched his shoulder wasn't there. The crevice narrowed, and Peter painfully crawled over the rugged rocks. The rain waters got very heavy and slowly began flooding the ravine, only serving to add more anxiety to Peter's extreme fear. As he turned a corner, he saw the pulsing white and yellow lights at the other end of the crevice, shocking him even further. He cautiously looked behind him once again, and there it was, the thing which touched his shoulder, looking right down on him, causing him to let out another fearful cry once again.

"W-wwwho.... are you?" Peter asked.

Peter got no answer.

TELL ME! Who are you? What do you want?
I'm from the past.. the future.. the present...
What? What are you talking about?
You are safe, don't worry.
Am I? AM I?! Who... are... YOU?!
Who I am is irrelevant. All that is relevant is, is that I can help you. I need you to trust me.
Trust you? What? What are you doing down here anyway?
I wouldn't let you just die down here. And the rain water is already up to my ankles and rising quite rapidly. So it would seem that you have no choice but to trust me.

Peter, after several moments, replied.

Okay, I trust you. I trust you. Now, will you tell me who you are?
I'll explain whatever needs to be explained. For now, I need to take you to my machine, where we can fix your ankle up.
Wait, your machine? What machine? There's a MACHINE?!
Yes, my machine! Now, let me pick you up.

The man then picked Peter up. He seemed to a strong young man at first glance. Thoughts raced through Peter's head. Machine? What machine? Was he going to be killed? Or really helped?

Now, what is your name?
Umm... uh... Peter, my name is Peter.
And last name?
Wallace. And what is your name?
Where I come from, I have no name. But call me Grandfather.
Grandfather? What? You look like no "grandfather" to me!
Yes, Grandfather. No time to explain now. The water is rising rapidly.

Then Peter and this man, only calling himself "Grandfather", arrived at the machine.

So this is the machine? What do you call this?
"Ah, you brought company?" a female voice said from inside.
"Clara, please prepare the spare bed for our friend. His ankle is injured." Grandfather said through what seemed to be a speaker on the side of this machine.
Yes, Grandfather.
Ok Peter, we're inside now.
What... is this.....

to be continued....
Nice update. Looking forward to more. Big Grin

Love the inclusion of "the machine" Big Grin - Our next project...
Thanks Blake Smile

Wanderers In Time - Entry 3

"What is this machine?" Peter asked.
"The Machine can adapt to its surroundings. It can disguise itself according to whatever environment it is located in. It can become a house, a car, a stone formation, such as it is right now.. Whatever it needs to become in order to go as un-noticed as possible." Grandfather answered.

The interior of the Machine was very elaborate. It had several instrument panels, screens, and lights. Grandfather invited Peter to explore the entire interior. It had everything that a regular home or flat might have - bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. It had bounds of assorted levers, buttons, and switches in the control room, and featured exquisite white tile flooring, walls, and ceilings and brilliant lighting in each room.

"But what about the lights outside?" Peter asked eagerly.
"What lights? There is no exterior lighting on the Machine."
"People in the city were talking about these.. white and yellow lights on the pass?"
"You mean the ones you saw at the end of the ravine, after you sprained your ankle?"
"Lie down and I shall explain it all to you. Clara, is the bed ready?"
"Yes, Grandfather." Clara replied, subtly.
"Thank you very very much Clara."

Grandfather placed Peter down on his bed. It was a quite cozy one, more comfortable than Peter's own bed. After he made himself comfortable, Grandfather began speaking.

"Now, the orbs of light you and three of the other humans on this ship have seen... they're a curious effect indeed. I've never encountered such a thing before, but it simply must have something to do with the Machine."
"So your Machine is emitting the light? And you don't know why?"
"Yes. And to all appearances it's drawn you and three other humans onto my space vehicle."
"Wait, your SPACE VEHICLE? This is a SHIP?"
"Yes, of course. You didn't really think this thing just had wheels and a combustion engine, now did you?"
"So you're saying this thing MOVES throughout SPACE?"
"Yes sir. It can go where ever you want it to go."
"I refuse to believe it! This.. it must be ABSURDLY impossible! I shall never believe that this... "Machine"... is a spaceship and not some silly room inside of a rock formation! You and those fools which you've lured into your trap can continue playing this game, but I must leave right this instant!"
"Oh, you think I can let you go now? I cannot!"
"What? Why won't you help me?"
"Because then you will tell the entire world about Clara and I's secret. Why do you think we're prohibiting the other three humans from exiting?"

Then, these three humans including Clara came into the room.

"Clara, David, Matthew, Emily, we must leave Earth at once. The light particles being omitted by the Machine are being seen by too many humans now and are too powerful."
"What, what do you mean, you just now figured that out?"
"Oh, so you think the lights were always like this? You didn't think there was a group of kids in their late teens rummaging around at 10 o'clock at night on this mountain didn't see the lights and follow after them curiously? Why else would you be here? You got curious. Why did you think I stopped your cameras at seven minutes in?"
"You did that?"
"Yes, I did."
"Grandfather, can I say something?" Matthew interrupted.
"Yes, Matthew?"
"If you knew that the lights were drawing too many humans toward the ship, why didn't we just leave?"
"Because human behavior and the planet Earth is far too intriguing for me to leave it. But now I'm afraid we have no choice."
"We're leaving? Right NOW?" Peter shouted.
"Yes Peter, we certainly are."
"NO! Let me off of this Machine IMMEDIATELY!!"
"It's no hope, Peter. Grandfather wouldn't let us go, and he's not going to let you go either. It is time to let go of your current life on Earth. Trust me, you'll enjoy it much more than what you have experienced. I've already seen more of this universe and distant universes than any other humans have, and we haven't even left Earth yet!" Emily told Peter.
"But, I can't, SUSAN!"
"Who is Susan?" Grandfather asked.
"My... friend. We both tried to figure out what the lights were coming from."
"And now you'll have to let Susan go, I'm afraid." David told Peter.
"I CAN'T!!!"
"Don't worry about Susan, my friend Peter. Just because we're leaving this place does not mean we're leaving forever. I for one would love to return to Earth some time. And we likely will." Grandfather said, optimistically.
"So we're leaving Earth? No. We are NOT!! IT IS A GAME!!"

Grandfather walked to the central control room, and the five humans followed suit. The Grandfather pulled a lever down and used a keypad on the control panel to enter a string of numbers. He pulled one final lever, and the machine shook violently as a very loud explosion seemed to occur just beneath their feet. The loud sound and heavy vibration continued up until one final jolt and explosive sound, and then all was still.

"Alright, so where are we, Grandfather?" Clara asked.
"We appear to be somewhere... in a barren, sandy desert. Hmm, the machine didn't go to the coordinates that I specified. This is very concerning - we could be anywhere."
"Well, it's probably quite hot outside."
"Yes - dress lightly. Matt, Dave, Emily, why don't you guys get prepared while I make sure Peter is alright. He appears to be unconscious..."

To be continued...
Nice update! I love the dramatic plot. It adds some excitement. Big Grin - Our next project...
Thank you blake Smile

Wanderers In Time - Entry 4

Peter? Wake up!
Oh, ow, my head.
Just try to sit up.

And so he did. It took great effort, but sitting up quickly relieved Peter's headache.

How did I fall asleep?
Oh, you must've fallen over during takeoff. The Machine does shake violently while traveling.
Traveling? So we're somewhere else?
Absolutely! Not quite where I'd like to be though - in some barren desert. I need to go and check our location.

Grandfather then walked back to one of the control panels, and rapidly pressed several buttons before reading a long string of numbers off of the main screen.

Oh, hmmm. I'm not at all familiar with these coordinates.
So you have no idea where we're at?
Unfortunately, I don't.

At that moment, the rest of the humans arrived, prepared for the scorching hot weather.

"Oh, hey, wait. None of you actually BELIEVE this man, do you? You don't believe that -"
"Once you step outside... onto that sandy desert floor... then will you believe us?" Emily asked in a condescending manner.
"So you're telling me that when we step outside that we'll be standing in hot, barren desert and not in a cold, wet ravine in Wolf Crossing in the year 2013?"
"Speaking of which... Grandfather.. what year is it?" Matthew asked.
"Oh... um... apparently we're in the year 46,294 BC. That shouldn't have happened - I entered the time string 06193132AD and the city of New Ostend on the planet Ros."
"0619? Wasn't it 0610 when you arrived on Earth?" asked Matthew.
"Well, it can't hurt to go a little ways into the future, can it? Anyways, let's go outside now."
"No, wait!" Peter shouted.
"What is it?" Grandfather asked him, rudely.
"It's not some barren desert in 46294 BC!"
"Then where are we and in what time?"
"How about the planet Earth in the year 2013 AD?"
Oh, Peter... I'll let you be the first to step outside. Anyways, why don't one of you check the temperature?
"Sure... it's... oh wow. 324K. That's 51C."
"You think we should try for something more hospitable, Grandfather?" David asked.
"I think we'll be fine. Everyone, here's your instructions: stay near the Machine and bring some water with you. Bring your communicators too. And Peter, I want you to stay next to me. I still need to make a communicator for you."
"Is that what I'm going to do, eh "Grandfather?" Why don't you open the door and prove to me that this isn't the year 2013 on Wolf Crossing?"
"And what will you do if I'm right?"
"What will you do if you're wrong?"
"That's not what I asked you. But.. in the extremely unlikely event that I am wrong, my Machine is at fault."
"And how so?"
"I've done this before... thousands of times. Crossed over realities... traveled through time... universes... even different existences."
"Existences? You're trying to tell me you've traveled through alternate realities?"
"Of course! Thousands of them!"
"Look, are you gonna open the d*** door or what?"
"Okay. Very well."

Grandfather slowly walked back to the control panel, and pressed a large red button which made the doors slowly open. Everyone stood next to them as the large panels opened up, revealing that Grandfather was correct - the group was in an empty desert.

"Why don't you go first, Peter?" Grandfather asked, while grinning.

Peter slowly stepped outside and ran his hand through the loose sand.

"So... it's true isn't it, Grandfather. It's true that we're on a barren desert in 46294 BC."
"Did I not tell you so? You learned an important lesson on this day - just because something seems illogical does not mean that it isn't. Either way, why dont you keep guard here with Clara while I change? Get yourself some water too - it's hot out here."

Clara walked out of the machine and stood next to Peter.

"So, you did learn an important lesson."
"Yes, but it's just impossible to grasp it. How does it happen? How does a man build a time machine that can also travel through space and alternate realities?"
"How it happens isn't relevant at the time."
"So... who are you, exactly? Are you one of the ones he brought into the Machine?"
"No. I'm from the planet Ros. I hope to be the Grandmother some day - an immortal like The Grandfather."
"There's a Grandmother too?"
"Oh, of course not. But why would I call myself Grandfather? Hehe."
"Why does he call himself Grandfather anyway?"
"He's certainly old enough to be one - and then some."
"What makes you say that? He can't be any older than... 25?"
"The Grandfather is not a mortal like you and I. He is over ten-thousand years old. Some different realities make him over one million years old. And in others - over one million centuries old."

The Grandfather then walked back out with three medium-sized jugs of water for himself, Peter, and Clara.

"Thank you, Grandfather."
"So is this true?"
"Is what true, Peter?"
"That you're over ten-thousand years old?"
"Clara?!" Grandfather shouted.
"Why? Is that not true?"
"Ten-thousand doesn't even begin to state my true age in this reality! I'm much older than that. How old, however, I won't say."
"What about one million centuries old in some other reality? Is that true or not?" Peter asked.
"Yes... that's... true." Grandfather said, sheepishly.
"How? I don't understand!"
"Peter, did you not realize that we went back tens of thousands of years? And why do you not think that I can't go back to the very beginning in this reality? I shudder at the thought of doing so, however. Either way, I'm not saying anything further for now. Clara, Matt, David, Emily, you four can stay together, go in pairs, or go out on your own. You have your communicators. Peter will stay by me. Our objective is to simply look around for whatever we can find. Try to stay near the Machine."
"Umm, Grandfather, something is wrong." Matthew said, with a worried expression.
"What is it, Matthew?"
"The Machine didn't take the form of its surroundings. It's a small brick bungalow instead."
"Whaaat? Ohhh no. This is very bad."
"Why is it bad?" Peter questioned.
"Don't you remember that I told you that The Machine will take up the shape, size, appearance, and texture of its surroundings to make itself unknown?"
"Well, yes, but is there really anything out here?"

Just then, the dark, ominous shadow of a human appeared over a nearby hill - and watched this mysterious brick house curiously.
This is a very nice update. It's quite well written, and has a great and exciting plot. (I love it when time machines are in sci-fi, in case you can't tell. Tongue )

Looking forward to more. Big Grin - Our next project...
Of course I do too, it's why I'm so obsessed with Doctor Who Tongue

Wanderers In Time - Entry 5
The six then decided to separate. Clara, Peter, and Grandfather would go together, while Matthew and Emily would head north. David would go east alone. Grandfather and his two followers then set out south.

"You know, this place is very interesting. The air is such a high temperature and the sun just beats directly down on the ground, yet the sand underneath seems to be fairly cool walking over it. Put your hand underneath it, both of you."

Grandfather, Peter, and Clara than placed their hands under the hot sand, to find that it was actually cool underneath.

"Wow, what do you make of it, Grandfather?"
"The only thing I can make of it is that there was recent rainfall that saturated the sand." Grandfather remarked.
"But wouldn't it also saturate the top layer?"
"Probably so, but when we're on flat land between the hills, the top layer of sand is slightly damp as well. I suspect that it must have dried in the intense heat as the noon sun beamed directly down on it."
"You know what else is interesting?"
"What is that, Peter?"
"There's not a breeze blowing at all."
"Well, yeah?" Clara said, sarcastically.
"I mean, there would have had to have been wind right a secodn ago to actually push the dry sand against the dunes. Otherwise the sand on the hills would have been dry too."
"I don't know what to make of that. Other than the possibilty that gusts from a storm blew it."
"Yes, Clara?"
"Look at this."

The three looked down to find a trail of footprints beginning where they were standing, and continuing off into the horizon.

"Tracks. Fresh ones too." Grandfather remarked.
"From what? Perhaps they're ours and we just made a big circle?"
"Where's the Machine than? I don't see it anywhere."
"True, where IS the Machine. It's probably something else's. Let's just follow the tracks and see where we end up at." Peter proposed.

The shadow appeared once again on a nearby hill, but was still far enough to go unnoticed by the three.

"We've been walking for nearly half an hour now. There's nothing out here." Matthew told Emily.
"I think you're right. We need to head back to the Machine."
"There's something unusual about this sand."
"What's that?"
"It's... wet."
"Yeah, so I noticed. But on the hills, it's perfectly dry, but only facing southward. The other sides of the hills are still damp."
"I don't know what to make of that. There's no wind blowing to push the dry top sand up against the hills."
"Hmm.. thunderstorms. The sun dried the top layer of sand, and wind from storms blew it against the hills. South must have been the direction of the wind."
"Then why is the top sand still wet? Wouldn't it have dried by now? And if it was raining, wouldn't the sand have been wet anyways?"
"Well, it's too late to talk about it now: it's almost high noon. We need to get back to the Machine. Let's go."

Matthew begins to turn around and walk back, but Emily calls him back to her.

"Matt.. look at this.. in the distance."
"A mountain range! And a tall one too! It must explain where the storms are coming from. Would they really have just formed out of some barren desert that goes on for miles?"

Just then, the two felt a very cold breeze against them, coming from the mountains.

"Mountain air. It happened back at home too. Every afternoon, the skies would turn gray and cool winds would prevail."
"So obviously the weather is quite similar."
"I can tell it's getting rather cloudy over the mountains too. Might be raining by now. We should probably get back before we get caught in a storm."
"Good idea."

As the two turned back, the shadow appeared once again over another sand dune, watching them.

"Yes, Clara?"
"I feel a.. cool breeze."
"Hmm, same here. Do you feel that, Peter?"
"I sure do. Downwind is south and Matt and Emily headed north. I'm sure they're experiencing the breeze too.}

Meanwhile, David continues to explore eastward, while the shadow, which still has not been noticed by any of the six, watches from a distance. After a while, David decided to turn back as the sun began to reach its highest point and the temperature climbed. However, shortly after, he began feeling slightly sick due to heat. He took some of his water and poured it over himself, providing only temporary relief as his sickness got worse.

"Ok, Peter, Clara, I need to stop for a moment. I think I may be getting a small amount of sunstroke."
"Good idea, I'm not feeling all that well myself."
"Well, we shouldn't rest for too long. We'll literally bake out here once the sun reaches its high point. I think we're already starting too."

"Ok, here's where we started, it seems. Grandfather, Clara, and Peter's tracks go south, David's go east, ours go north. Now where's the Machine?"
"Oh, good question. Did it actually adapt now?"
"Probably. But we need Grandfather to actually locate and open it. They should be back any moment now. In fact, here they come now."
"Ah, Grandfather, Clara, Peter. Good to see you. David should arrive soon."
"I hope so. So did you guys find anything?" Grandfather asked.
"We looked over a tall dune and found a huge mountain range in the distance. It was raining and a cool outflow wind blew from the storm. It's headed toward us - we need to get inside the Machine." Emily answered.
"But what about David?" Peter said.
"Oh, right. Well, we'll have to wait a few minutes and if he still hasn't returned, we'll have to go looking for him."
"We went in two circles, thinking our tracks were someone else's. They were ours. Now where is the Machine at?" Clara asked, worriedly.
"You don't know where the Machine is? Can't you see it? The brick house?" Matthew asked Grandfather.
"You always see the Machine as a brick house?" Peter asked.
"Oh yes, I do. Otherwise I would be unable to locate it. It probably adapted and I'm unable to see it. "
"Ok, I'm gonna try and see where David is at."

Clara than took her communicator out of her pocket. It was a small device with an antenna and keypad that allowed two people to communicate remotely. It looked like a two-way radio, but was much more futuristic and was smaller.

"David? David, are you there?"
"Oh... Clara?"
"How are you doing? Are you alright?"
"I think I'll be fine. I've just got the most terrible headache and I'm feeling nauseous and weak."
"Where are you at?"
"I think about halfway back to the Machine."
"Should someone meet you? One of us can go there and carry you back. We're all suffering from heat illness, but not to such a great extent... yet."
"My water supplies have run out too."
"Would you wait a second?"

Clara put the communicator down.

"Grandfather, David is suffering from severe heat illness. His water is completely depleted, what should he do?"
"Well, I suggest he take some of the cool, wet sand and put it in his clothes."

"Okay...... David? Umm.... David?"

Clara got no answer, but instead heard sounds of struggle and fighting.

"Grandfather.. David's in trouble. We need to find him."
Looks like your heh... addiction to scifi is paying off Tongue. With good writing and 1 rep.
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Haha I didn't realize you were this good. This is seriously some great writing with a nice plot!

Great update, as usual. Big Grin - Our next project...
Thanks aco and Blake !

Wanderers In Time - Entry 6

Grandfather began breathing very heavily and was sweating profusely as him and his group ran as fast as they could in the direction of David's footsteps. Eventually his legs gave and he collapsed on the ground.

"Grandfather! Can you get up?"
"Oh, I don't think so Peter."
"I guess I should carry you than. At least I will, until I faint also."

It was noon. The hot sun beat down on the desert floor as the temperature soared. The white sand glistened and shone into the eyes of the group, and the heat and direct sunlight exposure made it painful to even walk.

"Ok, here's where Peter must have been. And here's his communicator."
"Hmm, it doesn't seem to be damaged. There isn't even any sign of struggle at all, in fact. Like someone just came and carried him off."
"Oh, look at this. Tracks. And they aren't ours."
"They certainly can't be David's. They're way too large."
"Listen.... we need to return to the Machine... now. We can't endanger the rest of our lives -"
"Ohhhhh no, Grandfather. You brought us onto the Machine, now you're going to allow us to find David. And you can't walk. I'm afraid we can't do that, Grandfather." Matthew told Grandfather.
"Well, if that's how it's going to be, I suggest than that two of you go follow the tracks. Meanwhile, I'm going to lay down underneath the cool and wet sand and see if I can rehydrate myself." Grandfather answered.
"And if something arrives and you need to escape suddenly? Then how are you going to get up?" Peter asked Grandfather.
"Well, Peter, are you going to go with them?"
"No. I'm staying with you Grandfather. I'll help you lay down."

Peter laid him straight across the sand, and then pushed mounds of the cool, wet sand against him. The top layer seemed to act as an insulator, to prevent the moisture from escaping and maintaining a relatively constant temperature. With Peter and Clara watching after Grandfather, Matthew and Emily decided to follow the tracks.

"Hmm, we're climing a tall hill or something. Perhaps even a small mountain." Matthew remarked
"I don't know why whatever was here couldn't have just gone around it. This is brutal." Emily told Matthew.
"It looks like we're near the top anyhow."
"Then I suggest you go up to the top and look for anything. We may be more visible from up here."
"Good idea. Just wait here and yell if something happens. I'll let you know when its safe to come back up."

Matthew finished ascending the steep sand dune and looked at the valley below, and was thoroughly shocked at what he saw.

"I'm coming!"
"Look... look at that!"
"What? Wow, a huge.. city!" Emily exclaimed.
"What.. just look at the size of that one center building! It's very wide at the base and has a massive spire going upwards!"
"Of course that's where they took him. The city. Just... fantastic. Now.. we have to go.. to the city."
"Why don't you look for any signs of life down there, Emily?"

"So how's that, Grandfather?"
"Much better, much better. I just wish we knew where the Machine was at. Then we could wait inside."
"I know. Hopefully Matt and Emily can find it."
"I'd go and see if it's reappeared, but neither of you can see the Machine in its adapted form from the exterior. Only I can."
"Well, except when it was in the state of the brick house."
"I didn't understand that... how come you all could see it that time? As a brick home?"
"No idea. I suspect it has something to do with the terrain. It was perhaps unsuitable for adaption. I mean, what is there for it to blend into out here?"

"Do you see anything, Emily?"
"Nope. No movement. Everything is just... still. In fact, it looks eerily abandoned."
"I don't think we're very well equipped either way to go down there."
"Ummm... Matthew?"
"What's wrong?"
"Uhh... what... is the Machine.. doing.. in the city..."
What? Let me see that."
"It's right next to that towering structure with the spire."
"Oh, of course. That's where we'll have to look for him. Inside that gigantic tower. This is just getting better and better."
"Well, I don't know what's down there! We can't just enter the city, what if they have guns? What if they hold us hostage too?"
"I sure wish Grandfather could see this."
"Perhaps one of us could report back to him, Peter, and Clara?"
"Hmm, good idea. Maybe you could stay here and keep guard."
"Alright than. I trust you won't be more than a few minutes?"
"Hopefully not. I'll be back."

The shadow appeared again - this time closer than before to Emily, watching intently.

"Grandfather? Peter? Clara?" Matthew shouted as he made his way down the hill.
"Ah, Matthew! Great to see you. What did you guys find out?" Clara asked.
There's a massive city over that sand dune over there! It's in a very steep basin, I don't know how possibile it would be to go down there.
"A city. Of course. That's the last thing we need." Peter remarked.
"Yes, I'm feeling much better now. We'll all go together."
"I think we're interfering in something that's best left alone." Clara said, sheepishly.
"I think so too. Let me make this clear to all of you: we're going to the city to rescue David. That's it. Then it's straight back to the Machine." Peter told everyone.
"Oh, so you make up the rules now, eh? I intend to study that city as much as I can. But if you all want to return to earth than that's your choice." Grandfater said in a slightly rude manner.
"You're the only one who can operate the Machine. So we can't let you study it, can we? I'll help you out of the sand." Peter told Grandfather.

"Ok, we should be close to the top of the hill now. Emily? We're coming!" Matthew shouted.
"Hmm, where's Emily at? She's not answering you." Clara remarked.
"Perhaps she wandered off a bit." Grandfather suggested.
"Well, we'll check for her when we reach the top of the hill. Emily?!"
"Still no answer?"
"No. I hope she's alright."
"We're almost at the top now. She ought to be here. Why don't you go first, Clara?"

Clara than ran the final stretch up to the top.

"Oh... WOW! That building in the center of the city! Beautiful!" Clara exclaimed.
"And you know what else is just... beautiful?"
"What's that, Peter?"
"The same large tracks. There's new ones. Going where? None other than the city."
"Let me get a closer look here."

Grandfather then got out his binoculars, and looked closely toward the center structure.

"...the Machine!" Grandfather exclaimed.
"Yes, the Machine. It's in the city." Matthew told Grandfather.
"What's it doing there?" Clara asked.
"How'd they move it? That's what I want to know." Peter said.
"Both of you worried about that Machine so much. I'm worried about getting Emily and David. Where are they inside that city?" Clara told Matthew and Peter.
"Yeah, and what creature with oversized feet carried them off?" Peter asked.

to be continued...
I'm not the one for words... so expect the next few comments on your updates to be generic 'keep it up, it's great!' like, now.

Keep it up, it's great!
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"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"
Chapter 2- really nice terror scene added to continued good suspense.
Looking Forward to chapter 3.

Chapter 3- really nice descriptive writing in the first part of chapter 3 Josh
very good imagination and creativity in the remaining writing of entry -3

Chapter 4 comments -- Continued nice character formation and originality in this one

Chapter 5-

very scary this shadow !
But as far as the writing , very nice continued Plot development so far.

Chapter 6

Still really good suspense on all fronts josh
You have me on the edge of my seat so far !
Excellent writing and I hope you will be motivated to continue this.
I enjoy this much to this point.
Aco - I have a generic "thank you for your comment!" for you - beat that Tongue

brian - Good, that's what I hoped for Tongue

Wanderers In Time - Entry 7

After struggling their way down the side of the steep hill on the side of the city, the group found their way in, and decided to head toward the giant tower, where the Machine is located. It was considerably cooler in the valley, rather than in the desert. The steep sides trapped cool air in and kept the hot air above the city.

"The streets are entirely empty. I wonder what drove the past inhabitants of the city away." Peter asked.
"Are you saying there's nobody here any longer? If they didn't take David and Emily away, then who did?" Grandfather answered.
"This place is many years ahead of our cities back on earth. I'm obliged to say we're not on on Earth." suggested Peter.
"Why do you say that?"
"It's 46,294 BC. How could any humans have built this tens of thousands of years ago?"
"Just because it's an early year doesn't mean that there wasn't something inhabiting the place."
"So they were just rendered extinct, and then came back, you're saying?"
"It's not even likely that they were humans, Peter. They just came here, probably lived here for some hundreds of years, and left." Grandfather explained
"Where do you think we are?" Clara asked.
"We could be anywhere. But given the year, hopefully we aren't on Ros." Grandfather replied.
"How so? What's wrong with Ros?" Matthew asked.
"It was around this time I believe, that history taught of a distant race called the Thronax. They invaded Ros, and made most of its inhabitants their slaves. Those that resisted them were killed. Look at the tower. It was a central base during the Thornax invasion. The ancient city of Ostend must have been at this location, but I'm not 100% sure. If only I could get into the Machine, I could confirm this."
"Do you think the Thronax are still here?" Clara asked.
"Probably so, even though this is during the post-war era. The Thornax settled down here for quite a few centuries before the humans re-evolved."

As the group walked by, a strange camera-looking device attached to a street light followed their movement.

"So basically, Rossians who lived in the city before the war were killed." Peter suggested.
"No, the Thornax don't kill unless they have "no other choice" but to kill. The previous inhabitants.. they were likely converted. They were made the Thronax's slaves.. they put them in a metal shell, and some part of it somehow zombifies them. It's a gruesome procedure, I don't care to explain it. Some though may have mananged to flee to other cities. If we could only find them. They were friendly peoples."
"There's the Machine!" Clara shouted with enthusiasm.
"Ah, good, good! I suggest we head there as fast as possible!"

The group ran as fast as they could. The Machine was still in the distinctive form of a house built of brick. Grandfather removed the key to the Machine from his pocket and placed it inside the keyhole. As soon as he did, he instantly received an electric shock and fell to the ground.

"Grandfather! What happened!"
"Are you alright?"
"I'll attempt to open it and we can get Grandfather -" Peter said, hurriedly.
"Don't touch it, it's live!" Clara shouted.

Peter placed the key into the keyhole, and he too fell to the ground after receiving a shock from the Machine.

"Oh my, what happened to it?" Peter asked, painfully.
"Whoever or whatever moved it electrified it, obviously!" Grandfather said in a tone which suggested he was angry and annoyed.

Grandfather and Peter stumbled back to their feet.

"So. We can't get into the Machine, there are these people called the Thornax who have converted the civilians of this city to be their slaves, which are still here I might add, and David and Emily are gone. Very good!" Peter said, sarcastically.
"That's enough. We need to go into the tower. Forget about the Machine for now." Grandfather suggested. I suppose we ought to split up and meet back here in about, say, 20 minutes?"
"What happened the last two times we split up? Both times, someone was dragged off by something called a thornax." Peter told Grandfather.
"Who knows if it was a thornax or not. It could be anything. Grandfather, what do you think?" Clara asked.
"You're right, who knows what lives here now besides the Thornax. Could be more hostile.. creatures." Peter expressed. "My question is, can we live here? What are we going to eat? Just how do you expect us to live?"
"Oh Peter, I have that all under control. If we could just get into the Machine than there'd be no worries." Grandfather answered.
"I don't know how you make sense of all of this."
"All of your questions... will we be able to eat? How old are you? What planet are we on? We have much greater priorities right now than those petty things. I can explain most of whatever you want to be explained when we're back on the Ship. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to tidy myself up before going into the tower, and I suggest you all do the same."
"Yes, Grandfather." Clara answered.

Peter walked around near the Machine a bit, seemingly hurt by Grandfather's comments. A few minutes later, Matthew came to his side.

"Try not to be too upset, Peter. Grandfather just has a certain way of doing things. He's not a bad person, he just has to be in control, is all. I can explain some stuff when we're inside the tower, if you'd like." Matthew told Peter, attempting to comfort him.
"It's not so much that... it's just... I don't want to be here. I'd rather have just stayed on earth. The people down there are probably worried sick about me." Peter answered.
"I'm not exactly enjoying it myself. But what can we do?"
"He could at least take us back to earth. If the others want to go with him, they can."
"I don't think he can. The Machine isn't functioning properly, otherwise we wouldn't be here. All I ask is to just be patient. We'll find David and Emily and, hopefully, we'll at least try to return to earth."
"If they're even still alive that is."
"Just try and be hopeful that they are. I know it's hard, I'm concerned about them too. They're my closest friends, I'd be distraught if they died. Just... believe that we will find them and we will go back to earth."
"Well, I wish I was as optimistic as you are. I guess I'm just not the person for this."
"Oh, trust me, I haven't been enjoying it too much myself. The others seem to love the Machine and the places it can take you. I, for one, would rather stay on earth. It's what I've always called home. And about Grandfather, I can and will put him in his place if need be. You saw me stand up to him when he proposed just abandoning David and Emily. I could never do that."

Grandfather then appeared, ready to venture into the tower.

"Okay, are you both ready?" Grandfather asked.
"Yes." Peter replied.
"Excellent, I'll lead on."
"Oh, Grandfather?" Matthew asked.
"What is it, Matthew?"
"Look north."

The storm that him and Emily saw over the mountains had caught up with them. A huge burst of cold wind blew across the city followed by distant thunder, and then everything was suddenly still. The group made their way into the tower just as the first fat, cold raindrops fell from the black skies and the powerful winds blew, throwing small, loose objects as if they were toys. Large pellets of ice fell to the ground, which only further contributed to the wear and damage all across the city. Nearby lightning strikes sounded like a rifle firing, except considerably louder, and it lit everything up for a split second.
Brian's review was an excellent one.

As part of a required posting protocol, I will now deliver-
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"
This is developing nicely. Looking forward to the next update! Big Grin - Our next project...

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