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Obviously, there has been a lot of news going around lately about the bombing related to Syria, and it has been a very tense issue of debate as to how the US and many European nations will respond to the issue. What is your opinion on the matter? - Our next project...
We have no business there and should have never even thought of intervening. And the use of chemical weapons is extremely immoral in my opinion, wasting tons of lives of innocent civilians.
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I am glad Obama decided to have Congress vote on the Syria strike, because it seems like it's not going to pass both houses. But perhaps, the better thing is that congress voted against another war, something they did not do when Iraq was on the table. Sort of interesting to see that the only two issues that Democrats and Republicans seem to vote on now is gun rights (by striking down the background checks law) and anti-war (with voting against a strike on Syria).
It's good that congress is at the very least trying to avoid a war. America has so many problems right now that we simply are not able to handle another war, hands down.

Hopefully all of this plays out well. It is definitely a tense situation involving the United States. - Our next project...

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