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Taiwan movie: Perfect Two

Original article: Taiwan movie: Perfect Two
You may also watch the movie there.

This is a comedy movie made in Taiwan, starting Vic Chou, Yang Mi, Ella, and Benny. It's a new
year blockbuster which is touching and funny at the same time.


B used to be a competitive motorcycle racing driver, but an accident 6 years ago took away almost all he used to have, including fame and his wife. Since then he has been addicted in alcohol and gambling, without any ambition or dream. His neighbor Ma Niu cares about him a lot, voluntarily does the housework for him, including cooking, laundry, cleaning. Actually Ma Niu loves B secretly, never shows it up, nor does she care that B just treats her as a brother, all she wishes is that one day B cheers up and gets normal as before.

One day, B's wife Jia Wei comes to talk him along with a little boy Bin Bin, telling that Bin Bin is his son, and hopes he could take care of the boy for some days. B starts taking care of Bin Bin, and gets more and happy and positive. They do things together happily, such as playing, fishing, cycling, etc. One day someone calls B and tells that Bin Bin might not be his son, B gets angry and calls Jia Wei, but her phone is off. B plans to leave Bin Bin on the street, but then comes back and takes him home again.

B meets Jia Wei to talk, Jia Wei tells that Bin Bin is really B's son, but Jia Wei is going to marry and migrate to the United States soon, so she put Bin Bin with B, so that they two could stay together for a while. B asks Jia Wei to come back to him, but she doesn't accept it. B decides to start motorcycle racing again, and hopes he would get successful again.

One day before the racing, Jia Wei comes to B again, saying when Bin Bin hears that he is B's son, he doesn't want to go to the United States, but wish to stay with B. Jia Wei hopes B could convince Bin Bin to go to the United States and study well. B meets Bin Bin and speaks coldly, says he doesn't want to stay with Bin Bin, asks him to go to the United States.

At the racing match, Bin Bin surprisingly comes to the field, B becomes happy and confident, he passes all the components, but then finds Bin Bin has gone, he falls again like the previous accident. After the accident B becomes unhappy again.

In summer holiday, Bin Bin surprisingly comes back again, and lives with B happily. B finally accepts Ma Niu's love..


B: Vic Chou
Jia Wei: Yang Mi
Ma Niu: Ella Chen
Bin Bin: Benny

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