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Driver saves himself from fire Tesla through the window

The horror scenario for drivers: the vehicle bursts into flames and the doors cannot be opened. This is exactly what happened to a Tesla driver in Vancouver, Canada: the Model Y caught fire and the door openers stopped working because the power supply was cut off for safety reasons. The man suddenly smashed the side window and saved himself.
You know this is why I like my jeep. There's manual overrides on just about everything.

it's terrible about the fire though and I'm glad the driver is safe.
Oh my... that's horrible. Too much digital/electronic is not a good thing. We still need mechanical fail-safes.
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@Guardian so apparently there were mechanical fail-safes... the driver was just unaware of them and too panicked to look for them.
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Yeah, that is rather nasty... I'm glad he was able to save himself, though Smile .

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