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Hacker controlled 25 Teslas worldwide

Teenage Hacker Gains Remote Control of 25 Teslas in 13 Countries

A teenage hacker by the name of David Colombo claims to have gained remote control of more than 25 Tesla vehicles located in 13 different countries.

As Ars Technica reports, the 19-year-old Colombo posted a Twitter thread explaining how he can trigger a range of actions remotely, but there's a twist to this story. He didn't manage to hack Tesla's security to take control, in fact, there is no security vulnerability in play here. Colombo states "it's the owners faults" he has managed to gain access to their cars.

Because there is no vulnerability, Colombo decided to try and tell the owners directly, but he has no way of finding them. He's also not willing to publicly disclose how vehicle control was achieved for understandable reasons. The functionality he managed to unlock includes "disabling Sentry Mode, opening the doors/windows and even starting Keyless Driving." The hack doesn't allow Colombo to control the steering, acceleration, or breaking, but the "list is pretty long" of what's possible.
yikes, I mean it's not the first time someone has done something like this (see several years ago, the OnSTAR hack which allowed a hacker to not only hack a car over the radio but even remotely disable the breaks and such.

honestly I will never feel safe with a vehicle that has key systems able to be accessed remotely.

autopilot is nice but I'll only want it if it can run independent of an uplink/downlink.
Everything would be too risky for me! No thank you
@tc4me stuff like this is why I drive a 22 year old jeep, it's easy to fix, and the worst a hacker can do is hack my phone or maybe gps, both of which I can turn off.
@SpookyZalost yes yes yes  Big Grin

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