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Linux GUI Enlightenment V0.25 released!

So I've tried many desktop environments over the years, Gnome, KDE (which btw switched their inspirations with gnome going from more windows like to more mac like and kde doing the reverse), Openbox (still a long time favorite of mine), openstep (next step inspired GUI for linux), XFCE, etc.

but of all the Desktops I've tried, Enlightenment is kind of a personal favorite.  it's got all the flexibility of openbox with a bit more polish like kde or gnome, and as of 12/16/21, version 0.25 was released bringing a whole host of improvements.

Personally I like the updated interface, if you guys remember my cool mars/space themed desktop that was done on Enlightenment V0.17

you can find out more about it here:
Enlightenment (meist kurz mit E bezeichnet), zu deutsch „Erleuchtung“, ist eine freie Desktop-Umgebung für X sowie Wayland, die 1997 von Carsten Haitzler ins Leben gerufen wurde. Die erste Version war ein Hack des bekannten Window Managers FVWM und hieß Fvwm-XPM (Rastermans FVWM).

Big Grin
Yeah, though I first came across it when I was looking into retro Linux environments, and discovered how cool it was! When I boot a Linux retro gaming PC, it's going to be running an early 2000s version.
I've never used enlightenment but I've read a lot about it. I want to try i3 but it seems like a lot to configure.
@Thomas it can be, but from what I understand once you've got it set up it's great for minimalist, efficient, computer usage.
I've extended GNOME with some tiling extensions and I'm pretty happy with it. This is a great one
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