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That is the Omikron situation worldwide

In many countries Omikron is already the dominant variant, in other countries it is on the advance. 
Where is the virus currently raging?
It has come PEI Canada where I live. PEI only had a 66 cases last year around this time and now because of these variants there is 526 active cases and since the pandemic there have been 1,022 cases. I never thought that people would research these grim milestones with Covid-19 but it all because people refuse to stay home during this and they are people that don't believe it's real. My mother got into agreement with a friend of hers because he doesn't believe it's real and it's the governments way of control us.
Sounds like a lot of the people here in the states that won't take the vaccine.

I got my booster a few weeks ago.

But it still shocks me just how many people believe the crap about government control, microchips in the vaccine, or that it can give you brain damage.

I just stand the shaking my head at their willful ignorance and hope that either heard immunity or darwinism takes over.

Both are preferable to watching humanity destroy it's self because of the choices of fools in the wake of all evidence counter to their fears.

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