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more activity in your forum?

1. Make getting into the forum easy
Registration in the forum should be as simple as possible, so avoid long and complicated registration forms with additional input fields as far as possible in order to keep the registration process simple. We particularly recommend activating third-party logins with which users can quickly and easily register in the forum via portals such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

In quite a few forums you are literally slain as a new user with 100 or more areas. This is often very confusing and can lead to users losing the desire to search for the right area in the forum for their request. The best advice is always to start with as few areas in the forum as possible and gradually increase the number of areas as the forum grows as needed.

2. Spend time in your own forum
It may sound trite, but you'd be surprised how many people expect an active forum to develop on its own with no extra work involved.

It is especially important at the beginning to be part of your own forum. You can't expect it to grow without your direct support and encouragement, especially during the forum's startup phase.

For example, if someone posts in the forum and doesn't get an immediate response, they can become discouraged and post less often. It may even be that he no longer visits the forum at all. Over time, this can have a really negative impact on your website and forum.

To avoid this, you should be the one replying to posts that might otherwise go unanswered. In fact, you should reply to as many posts as you can because the more active you are in the forum, the more likely the community will grow. In addition, by offering valuable information, insights, and advice as an expert in your field.

Of course, as the forum grows, other users should also become active leaders in the forum, and you may be able to take a step back. Then you can encourage these leaders and show them your appreciation to help strengthen your community.

3. Create an area for progress logs
Progress logs are topics in which users report on projects they are working on and the progress they have made on them. Users return regularly to keep others up to date on the status of their projects, while other users can encourage and advise them

Posts like this are highly interactive and create a positive atmosphere in your community. They encourage users to exchange ideas with one another and generate more activity in the forum. In addition, they help to build personal relationships between users.

For the implementation, you can, for example, create a special area in your forum in which users can continuously report on their projects in ongoing topics. Alternatively, the blog function of the WoltLab Suite Blog can also be used to implement such an area.

4. Assign user ranks and trophies to particularly active users
As we mentioned earlier, over time, some of the most active users on your forum may stand out. Perhaps they are particularly knowledgeable about the topic of your forum or are just friendly and accommodating. Anyway, you can reward these users by recognizing their contributions to the community as a whole.

In this way, you invite users to make the forum their own. You will be encouraged to create new content and interact with other users. That way, you can start creating a self-sustaining community that is no longer dependent on your constant interaction and that is likely to be viable in the long run.

As a reward, you can assign special user ranks to the most active users, and additional rights (e.g. as a moderator) would also be conceivable as a reward. With the help of trophies, rewards can also be given for certain individual activities (for example writing helpful answers).

5. Start special events and competitions
Another way to strengthen and bring your community together is through scheduled events. An event can be a weeklong challenge, competition, or special content presented at a specific time.

These occasions give your community something to look forward to. Users may talk about them before they take place, about their personal challenges, or about how they would feel if they won the competition. Interactions like this can be a huge boost to overall activity.

Announcing prizes for participating in events or winning competitions can drastically increase the number of participants and thus lead to significantly more activity in your forum. In a forum with a graphic reference, this could be, for example, a design competition or, in a games forum, a meeting organized via the forum or an in-game contest.

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so, it's been talked about, the Member of the month thing of course which hasn't been as active but both darth and I talked about bringing it back.

honestly I personally would like to see more community events but of course we're always open to suggestions.

part of the wait is testing out some new stuff, however I think it might be doable to have awards for member of the month beyond a notification...

as for accessibility, the issues with registration have been for the most part fixed, emails are sent out as far as I'm aware...

though we still get plenty of spam posters trying to join they're mostly filtered out now.

has there been issues with the forum setup that might need to be addressed?
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Well that would be a very good approach
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