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Spooky's Geocaching thread.

S̳̿͟͞p̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞k̳̿͟͞y̳̿͟͞'̳̿͟͞s̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞G̳̿͟͞e̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞c̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞c̳̿͟͞h̳̿͟͞i̳̿͟͞n̳̿͟͞g̳̿͟͞ ̳̿͟͞t̳̿͟͞h̳̿͟͞r̳̿͟͞e̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞d̳̿͟͞.̳̿͟͞

[Image: xPinPq2.png]
Hello and howdy, I'm creating this thread because I've gotten one heck of a new hobby, Geocaching.  Initially begun in may of 2000 Geocaching is basically a treasure hunt where you get a set of geographical coordinates and search that spot for a hidden cache.  Often this contains a log and small nicknacks and doodads left there by other people, often termed SWAG or stuff we all get by the community.

I started this a few months ago and have been having fun ever since!  Some of the stuff I've found include pink golf balls, a pet rock, a few toy dinosaurs, but the big ones are the really old caches I've found such as this one dating back to 2006
[Image: qEUz1WAl.jpg]

Inside among other things were a love letter to someone, a few SWAG items, and a pair of tickets to a country concert from 2010 as well as the log which my Geocaching partner and I signed of course.

the cache was across the reservoir from here and the jeep made getting there easy!
[Image: vKxoBIZl.jpg]

Often they're a few different kinds, as of late I've been finding camouflaged containers like this one.
[Image: B4Cir2Ol.jpg]

or this one here which was magnetic and attached to the underside of a power box.
[Image: JQclEySl.jpg?1]

the biggest one I've found so far however was this one which looks like an old tackle box or ammo can sized/type container.
[Image: HYgkkSml.jpg?1]

So has anyone else tried geocaching before?
Yes, of couse !!!!!!!! we do that with our kidds, great game for everyone  Big Grin
@tc4me oh wow, that's a lot of challenge caches!, I knew it was big in germany and austria but what are some of the more fun ones you've come across?
(October 29th, 2021 at 9:53 PM)SpookyZalost Wrote: @tc4me oh wow, that's a lot of challenge caches!, I knew it was big in germany and austria but what are some of the more fun ones you've come across?

No , I only go for exercise, my kids do that
I'm going to go out when I'm not working and take a picture of this cool lamppost geocache I found, update this post with pics in a couple days.

it's a blank outlet cover magnetically attached to the side of the light pole, never imagined I'd encounter one given most in the area are containers of some sort.
So I found my first gadget cache today.

[Image: 0uKJaPrm.jpg?1]

it wasn't really a hard find given it's location but it definitely would be easy to overlook!

I found another couple regular caches today as well, the first was a coffee can hidden under some fallen debris.

the second was in a cluster of trees off a path and up a rock stairway.

it was hidden inside a fake rock in the middle, easily missed if you weren't looking for it! Tongue
I finally reached 30 geocaches found.

Time has been a major constraint but also size, I've been limiting my searches as of late to larger caches, because they seem to be more fun to find!
So, I've now found almost all of the larger and regular sized geocaches in my home city.

I've been at this for less than a year!

but there's so many small and micro ones that are always hard to find Tongue

I've found them under bridges, behind railings, in drainage ducts, on the sides of lamp posts...

I've found gadget caches, ammo boxes, magnetic caches, and I'm hoping 2022 will be a big year for finding more!

[Image: dZ4zvlj.png]

it sounds like you have done well and are a quick learner at this ?
@brian51 yeah, it's good training on orienteering as well as tracking and treasure hunting, plus it's a lot of fun! ^_^

there's so many geocaches out there too, there's millions in the US alone.

I mean, just the largest ones, and only in colorado so far... there's quite a few!

[Image: JzwmNfz.png]
There are also many going on here, unfortunately our government now wants us to wear masks outdoors because of Covid, and that is going too far for me
It's not that bad, I've been wearing mine outside anyway since omicron made the jump from moisture born to airborn so you really can't be too careful.

Hasn't stopped me from geocaching though. It's nice because it doesn't normally require interaction with people.
yes it sounds relatively safe , really
So small update.

it's been snowing so I haven't done much geocaching, but I did manage to get the geocaching app working with my pebble smartwatch.

[Image: 4oB5mQ4.jpg?2] [Image: y7jhBke.jpg?1]

this means I can use less power on my phone and simply use the watch on my wrist to narrow down the location of the cache.

I'm excited to try this out and will post an update on it's effectiveness soon!

as for what cache I'm going after...

This one is called the Prickly Pine Cache

[Image: fMKi5mil.png]

it's hidden somewhere in this area pictured below from google map's street view, I always try to check out an area this way before I go looking for it to get an idea of what I might be heading into.

[Image: V93Kk9Ql.png]

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