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Teg Designs

Site Name: Teg Designs
Site Type: Forum
Site Genre: Graphic Design/General Discussion/Forum Promotion Hybrid
Site URL:
Short Descripion: Teg Designs is mainly a graphic design community, though it is hybrid with general discussion and forum promotion boards. We have weekly/monthly contests, premade graphics and graphic requests, and tutorials. Come check us out today.
[Image: YG0DVKH.png]
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Seems like a pretty impressive community with a lot of great resources. I'll have to join at some point. - Our next project...
Looks good, I'll probably be joining up soon. Smile
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
That would be awesome both of you Smile
[Image: YG0DVKH.png]
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A nice forum! =)
RPG lounge - forum for RPG lovers (and roleplayed... And writers)
Hey nice forum, good luck on growing your community!

I did read something on your forum, and said that first two threads need approval in order to prevent spam. I think this sort of moderation discourages members to signup and participate on the forum. Spammers are a nuisance, but you happen to be using MyBB which has some great anti-spam mods!

I use this one:

I know it has mixed reviews (the stars are not accurate), but the reason is because people need to configure the mod once it's activated. By default, it blocks people from registering spammy usernames, which is a problem because you can't register common names like "Steve". So you need to set it in the back-end so it only prevents people from registering if their IP Address is listed on a website called Stop Forum Spam. Once you do that, it'll stop almost all spam. I only get the occasional spammers that fill their profile with garbage links.

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