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Linux turns 30: ​Linus Torvalds on his "just a hobby" operating system

It's been 30 years since Finnish graduate student Linus Torvalds drafted a brief note saying he was starting a hobby operating system. The world would never be the same.
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Linux is the best operating system
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yeah the story of Linux is one heck of a roller coaster.

Starting out as a project to make UNIX work at home (back when DOS was the norm), Linux was created from software written based on Minix a free but closed source Unix for students to learn and get comfortable with what was the main OS at universities and big corporation servers at the time.

Linux was created based on and is capable of running unix software and a lot of the command line utilities reflect that.

by the mid to late 90's there was a kind of race going on between linux and attempts to make a semi-open unix out of BSD and the like.

in the end Linux won out as far as raw software written for it precisely because it was free and at that time BSD was not, a lot of software got recompiled for BSD but Linux won the day for hobbyists due to it's ever growing compatibility, lack of cost, and open nature giving rise to a wide variety of people experimenting with it to see just how far they could take it.

No facet went unchanged and distributions were created to try and streamline some of it into specific configurations.

Linux was the go-to of many in the computer enthusiast scene, in 1998 there was even a protest staged against window's market dominance because people felt they shouldn't have to pay for an operating system they weren't going to use, many demanding a refund for their unused copies of windows.

in 2001 IBM decided to back linux and redhat was oracle's Commercial focused distro in an effort to cater to the business market that microsoft dominated at the time with their Microsoft server and the major proprietary Unix's that were alternatives to windows server 2000/2003/NT.

around this same time Loki software was formed and began porting several major AAA titles to linux, unfortunately the OS was not as large as MAC OS and later OSX and so couldn't get the traction it needed to stay afloat.

sometime in the late 2000's linux also threw it's hat in the ring with 64 bit support and by the late 2010's most major distro's dropped 32bit support, around this time it became difficult to run a lot of older native software and was a case of the community dropping backwards compatibility with legacy software in favor of security and better hardware support.

linux has also changed it's appearance over the years with people really becoming inspired with it's open nature to experiment with User Interface design (myself included).

Starting out as a command line operating system with very little software it quickly evolved to have a graphical interface with one of the earliest being reminiscient of windows 1 or 2 with the Tiny Window Manager which was popular on unix at the time.
[Image: h8QRIq1.png]

with the rise of windows 95, in 1996 linux would have it's own proper graphical interface, KDE, followed by Gnome the next year.
[Image: 4Gju1Aq.png] [Image: SQbUvr2.png]

These two would set the gold standard for linux OS's with KDE taking on a more windows esque appearance and gnome drawing inspiration from Mac OS, note however in the beginning the opposite was true lol.

of that era however my favorite is enlightenment which combined the Gnome/KDE style of the day with the nextstep sidebars to make something a bit more function over form.
[Image: ANmUtmd.png]

in fact Enlightenment ver 17 is the one I used for my recent space inspired desktop!
[Image: jbEwVqxh.png]

but yeah both in interface and in it's growth as an OS, Linux has come a VERY long way from starting out as a free open source Minix clone to becoming the powerhouse it is today.
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