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The new Gmail layout?

Anyone else not really loving the new tabs layout for Gmail? I think it's innovative, but I also seem to be missing a lot email due to it, which is a bit annoying to be honest.

What are your thoughts on the new Gmail layout? - Our next project...
Annoying. I turned them off.
Mind you I don't use it often, so I suppose it isn't a huge issue for me. It's mainly a side-stuff email.
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
It's decent. The emails that I really need to read are in the Primary tab. As for the reminding emails (eg. forums, social networks, promotions), I see a colorful sticker-looking icon on the tab when I receive something new for those categories, so it's not a problem for me.

This might have some downsides for website and forum owners. Most likely less gMail users will keep themselves updated with all of the emails websites send them. For example, you wouldn't see right away that John sent you a private message at Heck, some people might ignore the tabs.

I know a lot of people who dislike receiving such emails (and they do not know about the option in the user control panel of the forum to disable it), so this might be a good feature for them. Now Joe doesn't have to read 200 emails FaceBook sent him in under 24 hours, Tongue
I really like it.
Doesn't bother me, I like it.
[Image: 2z4zes7.jpg]
I honestly have no gripes about it, surprisingly.
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